"God is not Allah"

Surprise, surprise! Germany’s churches are coming out:

Churches take stand: Allah is not God

Kirchen stellen klar: Gott ist nicht Allah

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Aygül Özkan after  swearing an oath to uphold the constitution of  Germany, which she is religiously obliged to replace with sharia, Islamic law…..

She is now the new minister of social affairs of Lower Saxony on behalf of the Christian Democratic Union, a party that was once considered Christian & conservative.

Surprisingly, Germany’s two official churches came out with clear statements that the God of the Christians is not identical to Allah. This much clarity one would like to see across the board….

In the UK,   Nigerian fraudsters work in the Home Office handing out fake passports, and Pakistanis work in the Foreign Office distributing memos which insult the pope. Pakistani forgers manufacture visas for tens of thousands, and hate preachers prepare the soldiers for the coming jihad.  More>>

Its happening in Germany too:

Aygül Özkan became world famous with her demanding that crucifixes be removed from classrooms and certificates from Mohammedan title mills recognized in Germany. She also demanded Turkish judges in the judiciary, so that Mohammedan rapists would feel better integrated. Multicultural enrichment at its best…….

In German:

Anlässlich des Amtseides der neuen niedersächsischen Sozialmnisterin Aygül Özkan haben die beiden Amtskirchen mit überraschender Deutlichkeit klargestellt, dass der Gott der Christen nicht identisch mit Allah ist. Soviel Klarheit wünscht man sich sonst auch. [mehr]

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  1. The allah the muslims worship is the DEVIL. Their religion is an evil cult as their brotherhood has proved. Satanic mongrels who are desecrating the Western world with their evil , barbaric culture and way of life. They should never have been allowed to come to the West.

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