He ain't gone yet….

Its very difficult to get rid of criminal Mohammedans.

Dhimmi Brits decide PAKISTANI MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE can’t be deported because it violates HIS human rights

Pakistani paedophile who abducted and sexually abused two young girls cannot be deported back to his native country because it would breach HIS human rights.

They call it ‘child grooming.’ What they mean is ‘MUSLIMS PIMPING WHITE GIRLS.’

Police do nothing because they fear being called ‘racist.’ And the UK media are partly to blame. Blatant and shocking level of abuse has now become so great that one Muslim  has expressed his shame and disgust at the politically correct excuses that pass themselves off as senior police officers in parts of Britain.    Barenaked has the story

To Die For

ESTI GINZBURG, Israeli supermodel, fulfills her two-year military obligation to the Israeli Defense Forces

No wonder the Israeli Defense Forces have no problem retaining their soldiers. Barenaked has more

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