Humble KRudd instructions issued verbally, not in writing

Andrew Bolt

Don’t ask if they’re illegal

Sneaky, weak and irresponsible:

IMMIGRATION Department officials have been ordered to back off all non-essential visa checking, such as raids on brothels and illegal fruit pickers, as mainland detention centres are at risk of overflowing because of the constant transfer of asylum-seekers from Christmas Island. The Australian has learnt that Immigration Department compliance officers were told late last week to detain people only where necessary, because of the space pressure inside detention centres.

The instructions, which were issued verbally, not in writing, are understood to have been handed down last Thursday and Friday.

It is believed compliance officers were told to ease off all non-essential work and to detain people at airports only when absolutely necessary…

“Compliance officers have been asked to consider the impact of current detention capacity when planning their field operations, including looking at alternatives to detention,” (a) spokesman said.

And so to cover up the consequences of weakness, the Government weakens even further. And see once more how the guiding operational principle is Seeming.

Silly little joke for ya:

In South Sydney, a fire destroyed a multi story block of flats. A Polynesian family of six con artists lived on the first floor, and all six died in the fire.

An Islamic group of seven Pakistani welfare cheats, all illegally  in the country, lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

Six Maori ex-cons lived on the 3rd  floor and they too, died.

Four Aboriginal families in the 2  flats on the 4th floor also perished.

One white couple lived on  the top floor. They survived.

Relatives of the deceased and local do-gooders were furious. They flew into Sydney and quickly demanded a meeting with the fire chief.

On camera, they loudly demanded to know why  the Islanders, Muslims, Maoris and Aboriginals all died in the fire and only the white couple survived.

The fire chief quietly replied,  “They were both at work.”

The KRudd Mess:

Let’s make another list of failures.

Here’s my list (mostly my own work, but some cut and pastes from other on here too).

1.  Grocery Watch
2.  Fuel Watch
3.  Never taking Japan to Court over whaling as promised. We have now re-issued our threat. Guess when our “deadline” for Japan to stop it is? After the next election.
4.  Talking up inflation in early 2008 leading to two rate rises just before the GFC, making it worse.
5.  Wasting $900 cheques on dead people and people who live overseas.
6.  Unlimited Bank Guarantees freezes people’s cash in non-deposit taking institutions.
7.  Stimulus spending totally out of proportion to Australia’s situation during the GFC. Now we are paying for it with rising interest rates. Not to mention taxes will never be cut until the debt is cleared, in say … 10yrs, 20yrs ? Who knows.
8.  Green Loans Scheme shelved and Wong announces an audit into frauds. A tiny number of loans were granted at a cost of how many millions of dollars to set up the scheme?
9.  Prior to 2007 he was a “fiscal conservative”. After election and after GFC, he wrote a ludicrous essay claiming that “neo-capitalism” was evil. You can’t have it both ways. If you were a fiscal conservative in 2007, then you were a neo-capitalist too !
10.  Pink bats – people die, electrified houses, houses burn down, fake insulations get paid. Garrett demoted after Rudd said he was a “first class minister” and that Rudd would “take responsibility” for the scheme’s failure! No compensation for industry yet.
11.  BER – Building the Education Revolution (or Builder’s Early Retirement) fund rorts. Eg. $900,000 for a single new class room. And it was a pre-fabricated.
12.  Crazy boat people policy. When Howard left Christmas Island was a ghost town. There are now over 2500 I think. They are building more beds there too, and others have been transported to Villwood and some air force base in the outback.
13.  Child care centres at schools broken promise. 38 will be built, not 260.
14.  Failed ETS/Copenhagen debacle. 143 were taken to Copenhagen. Count ‘em … However, as soon as public opinion shifted, the great moral challenge of our time became no urgent problem at all.
15.  Promise not to means test the private health insurance rebate broken.
16.  Means testing the baby bonus sucks the big one.
17.  Promise to “take over” the health system by “mid-2009”
18.  New health policy to “stop the blame game” actually means a 60/40 Fed/State funding split and management of hospitals to be by state controlled Local Boards. So when waiting times don’t come down or someone dies because they are sent home early from hospital, does that mean it is because the Feds aren’t putting in enough cash, or the State isn’t? Or is it because the State isn’t properly controlling the Local Boards, or is it because the Local Boards aren’t doing a good job. What a complete joke.
19.  Former Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, basically admitted being bribed by female Chinese government official. Fitzgibbon forced to resign.
20.  National Broadband Network. Initial cost was under $10b I think. Now $43b. The only player capable of handling it, Telstra, was rejected, then accepted back, and now is in limbo. The NBN does not have a business plan. That means no one knows whether it will add value to the ecomony, and if it does, no one knows when that might be.
21.  Spent the last 10 years criticising Costello’s ability. Then appoints him to control the Future Fund.
22.  Tantrums because he doesn’t have a hair dryer or because he got the wrong meal on a plane.
23.  Lies about Abbott taking $1b out of health when he was minister.
24.  Lies about those boat people who were taken to Indonesia on Oceanic Viking not receiving a “special deal” to get them off the boat. They were all processed in 4wks weren’t they (and granted visas)? What’s the usual timeframe? 3-4 months?
25.  He appoints a former Labor member, and family friend, Quentin Bryce, as GG – the most important apolitical, impartial, position in Australia. Then has her travel to Africa to promote his politicial agenda and personal ambitions – 10 nations, 19 day lobbying tour to drum up support for Rudd’s push to gain a non-permanent seat for Australia on the UN Security Council.
26.  All time record levels of public debt and annual budget deficits, with the economic wizard, Wayne Swan, in control of managing it.
27.  Every primary school child gets a laptop. Bugger all have. And most of them can’t connect to the internet with it.
28.  Playing politics with the Henry Tax Review. Not releasing it until very close to the May budget, no doubt in the hope that the Budget news will drown out anything nasty in the HTR.
29.  Giving Toyota Aust $15m to help build a hybrid Camry, that even Toyota said they didn’t need because they had already started building it.
30.  Industrial laws that prevent teenagers working after school because if they work less than a 3 hour shift, Gillard’s laws say they are being exploited !
31.  Industrial laws that give Unions a statutory right to enter any employer’s site. That is, even if the employer owns the land or has a right to exclusive possession, they cannot prevent them from entering. On their own land !
32.  Insane levels of expensive trips overseas for the PM.
33.  2020 Summit in Canberra. Countless ideas were produced. PM said everyone of them would be the subject of consideration and a written response by the government. A paltry amount have got their written response – since January 2008. To my knowledge, none of the ideas have been implemented.

How much more of this do we have to take before the country decides it has HAD A GUTFUL?

Rudd is a phoney. He is boy in a man’s job.

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  1. * IMMIGRATION Department officials have been ordered to back off all non-essential visa checking

    “We don’t get involved in operational matters”???

  2. Krudd’s verbal instructions,brings to mind Breaker Morant and that gutless pommy bastard “lord” Kitchener.

  3. I totally agree with you that America and Australia are ruled/run by LUNATICS. In the latest blog from what was known as SIOA network, now, there are pictures featuring hundreds of muslims on the front lawn of the white house with their heads down and their backsides in the air, presumably praying. What can they descedants of monkeys be praying for or to whom. It suddenly struck me that these misguided sons of satan were actually praying to obama, their 12th Imam. The rest of the world, especially the Christians seem to be sleeping while satan is busy at work, getting ready to control the world through his anti-christ.

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