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Correction to this story:

Australia: Afghan strangled wife to death with her veil, in front of kids

But the headline of the story was “Judge slams 000 operator’s reaction to Afghan woman’s call for help”/From Creeping Sharia

Killed for Apostasy

One of our readers, (Mullah) reminded me that “she changed her religion”, so its not simply a case of wanting to be “too Australian”. It was a religiously mandated killing due to the Islamic apostasy laws. “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” — Bukhari 9.84.57 ‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu’

And an update to this one, from Vlad Tepes via the Tundra Tabloids

Burqa kills Go-kart riding Muslima/ Allah is the biggest of plotters….

This is for the ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t file. We can safely assume that had the operator of the go-cart business had refused service to her, he would be sued for religious discrimination, lost, and probably lost his livelihood as we saw with the British Hoteliers. We also can safely guess that had he told her to remove her Muslim head-gear, the same thing would have happened as we saw with the Muslims who worked for UPS in Toronto and won a generous settlement it would appear from the smug looks on their faces. Now we just have to wait and see if they will be sued for allowing the Muslim to ride the go-cart and strangle herself with her scarf.”

Yep, Vlad hits the nail on the head with this one, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It’s just the way the Muslims wants to keept the infidel, off guard as much as possible, and always on the defensive. The more important point here is, the teenage girl was more afraid of her father and/or mother thrashing her for removing the bag than fearing for her own life. KGS

Feel Good Story of the Day

Jihadi Work Accident: Russian Female Suicide Bomber Detonates Explosive Vest After Falling on it…Weasel Zippers

A female suicide bomber has attempted to shoot the Nazran police chief, but missed and injured another police officer and then blew herself up in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia, a local police spokesman said on Friday.

“A woman approached a group of police officers and fired a gun at the Nazran police chief, but instead shot another one, injuring him,” the spokesman said.

He added that police officers opened return fire on the attacker and hit her.She then fell and an explosive device was detonated.

Financiers of Islam Terror:

UK: Islamic charity praised by Prince Charles and Gordon Brown funnelled nearly $850,000 to Hamas and other jihad groups/Jihad Watch   Rest here>>>

Iran Rape Video


Martyrdom for Fibbi Hooper: CAIR Posts Imam Autopsy Photos…

In life, he was just a crim and a lowlife. Now that he’s dead, he’s an “imam” and a “martyr”….


After: Due to the graphic nature of the photo I’ll post it below the fold…..

5 thoughts on “Jihad Today: Corrections, Updates, News”

  1. The Dar al Harb can be a harsh place for followers of allah and its false prophet … but still they come – another day, another leaky boat…

  2. The PC, spun version: [Just days before killing his wife, he complained she was becoming “too Australian” in a phone call to his sister-in-law.]

    The earlier version, from January, added that she had changed her religion, something allah and its followers don’t like, even when seeking “refuge” in the Dar al Harb:


    [AN Afghan man strangled his wife with her veil after complaining she was “becoming Australian”, a jury has heard.

    … …

    The jury heard that about a week before his wife’s death, Mr Azizi complained to his sister-in-law that she was “becoming Australian and had changed her religion”.]

    (just a cultural thing, of course – nothing to do with islam, allah, or the false prophet)

    1. Thanks for reminding me, Mullah!

      Yes indeed:

      The jury heard that about a week before his wife’s death, Mr Azizi complained to his sister-in-law that she was “becoming Australian and had changed her religion”.

      That’s the crux of the biscuit: he killed her for apostasy: “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him’ Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari …”

  3. Incidentally, she spoke little English, but had talked to a “family violence officer” and a “health worker” of her problems before she was killed, why do nothing until the murder & then blame the 000 operator. What is the point of having “family violence officers” if the outcome is still death?

    [Ms Rahimi, who spoke little English and communicated through an interpreter, had told a family violence officer and a health worker that she wanted to leave the marriage, but that she felt powerless, unsupported and fearful.]

    Ms Rahimi?

    [“I’ll kill you because I can’t carry the shame,” he allegedly said when she spoke of separation or divorce.]

    “honour killing” (premeditated murder – nothing to do with 000, but the judge won’t point a finger at allah and islam)

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