Mohammedan "Tourists" Storm Cordoba Cathedral, 2 Security Guards Seriously Injured

100 Mohammedan occupiers pretending to be tourists entered  Cordoba cathedral and started to curse unbelievers, an act they call  “praying”. When asked to stop, they attacked the security guards.

Of course the ban on Muslim prayer should remain inside the Cordoba cathedral — at least until the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople becomes a cathedral again. But what we see here are serious efforts of a Mohammedan reconquista, because land, once Islamic, belongs to allah for all time. Spain, (Al Andaluz for Mohammedans),  must be re-conquered at any cost.

To the Muslims, Spain is illegitimate, is to be destroyed, and “al-Andaluz” is to be restored in its place.
The 3/11 train bombings were but a warm-up. We will see more of this in the future. Stay tuned!

“Two arrested after fight in Cordoba’s former mosque,” by Giles Tremlett in The Guardian, April 1 (H/T Jihad Watch)

The interior of the cathedral in Cordoba where security guards confronted Mohammedan troublemakers who started praying

A confrontation between Muslim “tourists”  and guards employed by the Roman Catholic bishop at the world-famous Cordoba mosque cathedral saw two people arrested and two guards injured last night.

Trouble broke out when the visitors knelt to pray in the building, a former mosque turned into a Christian cathedral in the 13th century, where a local bishop, Demetrio Fernández, recently insisted that a ban on Muslim prayers must remain.

Half a dozen members of a group of more than 100 Muslims from Austria had started praying among the marble columns and coloured arches of the vast building when security guards ordered them to stop.

“They provoked in a pre-planned fashion what was a deplorable episode of violence,” the bishop’s office said in a statement.

Cathedral authorities said the guards had invited the visitors to continue viewing the inside of a 24,000 sq metre building that was once the world’s second biggest mosque, but without praying.

“They replied by attacking the security guards, two of whom suffered serious injuries,” the bishop’s office said.

Local newspapers reported that a dozen police officers had been called into the building and that these, too, had been attacked when they tried to arrest the two visitors.

The local Diario de Cordoba newspaper quoted anonymous police sources as saying that a knife had been taken off one of those arrested.

A group of local Muslim converts have long campaigned for the right to pray at the mosque building. “The building is very big and the main cathedral occupies only a part of it,” said Mansur Escudero of the Junta Islamica group.

“They publicise the building as a mosque because that brings in tourists, but they do not allow the Muslims who pay money to go inside to pray,” he said.

Escudero said a space for Muslim prayers would not inconvenience visitors or disturb the cathedral and would promote dialogue and understanding between the two religions. He said there were frequent incidents of Muslims being prevented from praying.

“They argue that canon law does not allow Muslims to pray there, though they have been happy to permit visiting Saudi princes and other dignitaries, including Saddam Hussein, to pray,” he said.

“A new bishop was appointed recently and one of his first public statements was to say that Muslim prayers would not be allowed as this would create confusion,” he said. “It seems the guards have instructions to prevent prayers with violence, if necessary.”

It wouldn’t just cause confusion. It would be a prelude to the re-Islamization of the entire structure, and to the forbidding of Christian prayer there. Don’t believe me? Try going into any mosque, including those that were formerly churches like the Hagia Sophia (which is now a museum in any case, although Islamic prayer is not forbidden inside it), and pray Christian prayers in a loud voice. Watch what happens next.

Cathedral authorities reiterated their ban on prayers. “The shared use of the cathedral by Catholics and Muslims would not contribute to the peaceful coexistence of the two beliefs,” the statement from the bishop’s office said.”This one-off incident does not represent the genuine attitude of Muslims, many of whom maintain an attitude of respect and dialogue with the Catholic church,” it added. “We deplore the damage done to the image of our city and to the peaceful coexistence of visitors and citizens.”…

Note that it was cathedral authorities pontificating about “the genuine attitude of Muslims,” not Muslim spokesmen.

Church authorities also recalled that archeologists had shown that, prior to the construction of the mosque in the eighth century, a Christian temple had stood on the same spot….

In other News:

Vatican Blasts New York Times For Scurrilous Attack on Pope During Holy Week

It’s Holy Week. What better time for the leftists at The New York Times to slander the Catholic Church.
Today the Vatican fired back over the scurrilous report published earlier this week that connected Pope Benedict to a Wisconsin abuse case. The Anchoress noted that it’s not the first time:

But these annual Holy Week Festivals of Sensationalism, in which the press seems to highlight stories designed to shake faith,foment doubt and encourage hate, they do as much damage to the faithful -of all traditions- as these real sins.

Today the Vatican responded.
Reuters reported, via Drudge, H/T Gateway Pundit

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  1. This is good news. This is exactly what we want to see, and see more of, from the slaves of Allah. They are pressing all the right buttons that speed up the coming of the new Reconquista.

  2. In some places the Catholic church is almost the only bulwark against islamification..for eg in Malaysia..but in other places the priests are ourtwardly at least , ”positive” towards islam.
    How long will this Bishop live? There is a fairly standard response to anyone who stands up to them.

  3. * at the world-famous Cordoba [mosque] cathedral

    How about Jews pretending to be tourists praying on the world-famous Temple Mount? I’m sure Mo’s followers will have a different reaction when their “third holiest site” becomes a construction site.

  4. I cannot understand why the Israelis havn’t demolished the mosque which is standing on the site of the Temple called Beautiful. Why should the Israelis be worried about world opinions, after all, they are only opinions. That dreadful, ugly monstrocity called a mosque is in Israel and the Israelis have the right to destroy it if they so choose. The Israelis should not worry about the muslims around the world. They can easily take them out, every last son of a bitch.

  5. Huddie, turn it down before I have to turn you off completely. Our enemies are just waiting for something they can pin on us. There are other ways to express yourself, you don’t need to resort to threats, expletives and mindless rants.

    Unfortunately I could only find dubious (Muslim) links to articles relating to the end of the 1967 war. It is said that several groups of Jews were getting ready to blow the abominable mosque into the sky, but Moshe Dayyan stopped ’em.

    JERUSALEM (AP) Hours after Israeli soldiers captured Jerusalem’s Old City in 1967, the army’s chief rabbi urged that the gold-topped Dome of the Rock mosque be blown up

    Of course, it was a mistake not to do it then and it is a mistake not to do it now. The Arabs have no claim whatsoever, its all fake…

  6. Spain: Judge rules violent demonstration by Muslims at Córdoba cathedral was not intended to offend religious sentiments

    If you review the facts of the case stated below and in initial reports following the incident, you may want to read the judge’s assessment sitting down:

    “There isn’t so much an intention to minimize or harm the religious sentiments of the Catholic religion so much as an attempt to favor, not to say clearly impose, in a false gesture of tolerance, the possibility of carrying out joint worship [in the cathedral] … “It doesn’t act to demerit or discredit the Catholic religion, but rather in favor of joint use.”

    Nope, nothing to see here. “Violent Muslim Occupation of Church did not Violate Law Against Offending Religious Sentiments: Spanish Judge,” by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman for Lifesitenews, November 10 (thanks to JW):

    CORDOBA, Spain, November 10, 2010 ( – A Spanish judge has ruled that a violent occupation of the Cathedral of Cordoba by a group of Muslims in March of this year did not violate the nation’s law against offending religious sentiments.
    According to Europa Press, the judge occupying the seat of the Fourth Court of Instruction of Cordoba ruled that the incursion into the cathedral, which culminated in an assault on several guards and a policeman, was merely a “public disorder” and was not intended to offend anyone’s religious sentiments.
    “There isn’t so much an intention to minimize or harm the religious sentiments of the Catholic religion so much as an attempt to favor, not to say clearly impose, in a false gesture of tolerance, the possibility of carrying out joint worship [in the cathedral],” the judge declared. “It doesn’t act to demerit or discredit the Catholic religion, but rather in favor of joint use.”
    Spanish Muslims have long demanded the right to carry out Islamic worship in the Cathedral of Cordoba, which was demolished by Muslims in the 8th century and replaced with a mosque following their conquest of the area. The cathedral was rebuilt in the 13th century after Christians reconquered Cordoba. However, much of the original architecture of the mosque was left intact.
    Despite a prohibition against Islamic worship in the cathedral, a group of approximately one hundred Muslims from Austria entered the building during Holy Week on March 31, led by an imam and sporting walkie-talkies. After they began to carry out the rites of the Islamic religion they were confronted by security guards and police, several of whom suffered injuries after being attacked by eight members of the group, one of whom brandished a knife. The eight aggressors were arrested, while the rest were allowed to go free after being forcibly removed from the cathedral.

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