My KRuddness!

Andrew Bolt

Undetected and of course undeterred by Rudd’s changes, being neither Afghani nor Sri Lankan:

ANOTHER boatload of about 80 asylum Mohammedan welfare-seekers from Iraq has sailed close to Christmas Island undetected overnight.

You’re not supposed to know that. You are supposed to be concerned about “Global Warming!”

Make sure to watch this vid from   Lord Christopher Monckton speaks to Alan Jones about his up coming USA Tea Party appearance

4 thoughts on “My KRuddness!”

  1. As long as they are only coming in as prostitutes and fruit pickers, nothing to be alarmed about.

  2. It is now a known fact that muslim women are jihadists as well. Our country will never be safe as long as there are muslims living within our borders. Illegals should not be entertained and neither should they be escorted into our waters. They should be turned back, end of story. Who cares what the U.N has to say. They are a bunch of windbags and don’t have the right to dictate to our country or any other country. All we have to do is look at England, America and Canada and see what is happening in those countries because they were afraid of public opinion.

  3. Agreed Huddie,
    But we have to remove these parasites through our legal systems. The UN can go to hell.

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