No Outrage

As long as the killers didn’t have fake Australian passports…

Andrew Bolt

Will the world outrage be a tenth of what we’d hear if the executioners had been Israelis?

THE Hamas rulers of Gaza have executed two Palestinians convicted of collaborating with Israel despite objections from human rights groups.,,

The New York-based Human Rights Watch has accused Gaza’s Islamist rulers of killing at least 32 political opponents and suspected informers during and after the war, and of maiming dozens of others.

Goldstone’s favorite court system executes two ‘collaborators’

I’m sure you all remember Richard Richard Goldstone telling Christiane Amanpour of CNN (at least at the time) that Hamas has a ‘court system‘ that is capable of investigating the war crimes they committed during Operation Cast Lead. That court system was in action early Thursday morning. In what’s being billed as the first ‘officially sanctioned’ executions in Gaza in nearly a decade (except for the ones that were), Hamas summarily executed two ‘Palestinians’ for ‘collaborating’ with Israel early Thursday morning, and dumped their bodies outside Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. More from Carl

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