Ready for another Aisha story?

5-yr-old girl raped by  Islamic cleric

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Muzaffarnagar, April 12:  A 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a cleric at Minranpur town in Muzaffarnagar and was later arrested, police said.  65-year-old Abdul Karim was arrested for raping the minor following an FIR lodged by the victim’s father Noshad in this regard, they said, adding the girl had been sent for medical examination.

Child Marriage Horror in Yemen  Was Worse Than Reported:

Nujood, the extraordinary girl who went to a judge to escape her “marriage”

Even the New York Slimes runs the story:

Another Dead Child-Bride

Apologists will be quick to say the aspects of the story that are coming out now are “un-Islamic.” But Islamic law, along with its many inherent defects, creates broader conditions for exploitation and abuse. Thus, playing the “un-Islamic” card in this case would amount to an attempt to duck responsibility for the consequences of Islamic law, which, after all, provides for child marriage after the example of Muhammad himself.

“Dead Yemeni Child Bride Tied Up, Raped, Says Mom,” from the Associated Press, April 10 (thanks to JW):

SHUEBA, Yemen (AP) — A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down and forced to have sex by her husband, according to interviews with the child’s mother, police and medical reports.

The lame-stream western media remains fix-focussed on the pope. A bunch of lunatics who are proud to soil their own nest:

The girl’s mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, told the Associated Press that before her daughter lost consciousness, she said that her husband had tied her up and forced himself on her. ”She looked like she was butchered,” she said about her daughter’s injuries.

Elham Assi, 13, bled to death hours after she spoke to her mother and just days after she was married to a 23-year-old man. She died on April 2 in the deeply poor Yemeni village of Shueba, some 200 kilometers northwest of the capital. Her husband, Abed al-Hikmi, is in police custody.

The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen where a quarter of all females marry before the age of 15, according to a 2009 report by the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs. Traditional families prefer young brides because they are seen as more obedient and are expected to have more children.

Legislation to ban child brides has been stalled by opposition from religious leaders. There has been no government comment over the case.

The girl — one of eight siblings — was pushed into marriage after an agreement between her brother and her future-husband to marry each other’s sisters to avoid having to pay expensive bride-prices — a common arrangement in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East.

According to police notes from the interrogation of the husband, he was upset because he could not consummate their relationship and felt under pressure to prove his manhood.

Assi’s mother said she also tried to persuade her daughter to have sex with her husband so as not to shame the family.

Al-Hikmi took his young bride to a nearby medical clinic, asking a doctor there to administer her tranquilizers so she would not resist his advances. The clinic said it refused.

Al-Hikmi then obtained performance enhancing pills, according to the police interrogation, and that night completed the act while she screamed.

The next day, he returned to the same medical clinic carrying Assi because she could not walk.

”I told him not to go near her for at least ten days,” said Dr. Fathiya Haidar. She said Assi’s vaginal canal was ripped.

A forensic report obtained by the AP showed that Assi’s injuries were much more extensive, including extensive tearing around the vagina and rectum, suggesting that there might have been additional intercourse after the clinic visit.

Her mother said she visited Assi later that day, where she found her daughter fading in and out of consciousness.

”She whispered in my ear that he had tied her up and had sex with her violently,” she said. ”I said to her husband, what have you done, you criminal?”

She said al-Hikmi told her that the young bride was just possessed by spirits and said he would take her to a folk healer to cast them out. Hours later, Assi was dead….

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  1. The cleric only follow the Khayru-l-Khalq (the Best of Creation), the excelent example (Q 33:21) Muhammad (54 years) who had sex with the only 8 year young child Aisha, who still plaid with dolls.

  2. The Catholic Church has nothing on islam..there is almost a complete ban on anything bad about islam in the western media. We only know what we know by reading this site and others like it. Try finding any of this info in your local paper…….you will be searching for awhile.

  3. The Catholic Church is wrong in not admitting what has happened to children in their care and we are sickened by it. However, the difference in this argument is Islam condones paedophilia in all its forms. There is no way to find out the extent of it. We only know about some of the dead children, mainly brides and the lesser known Bashi Basi dancing boys. The Clerics of Islam say it is ok to have sex with a child a young as one year old. This filthy animal was the grand high mufti of Iran – you all know the one I mean. I don’t care how much they hound the priests of the church who commit these crimes. An Islamist would never do this – they hide everything – I had a muslim female friend whose daughter was abused sexually by a male member of the family. The girl was psychology disturbed as she would be. The mother as well as the father protected that male member of the family. Their daughter had to wear it. When you have parents like this, and they were moderates, what chance is there of any meeting point with these people. They are tribal savages. Insane desert people who cleave to their old, barbaric ways at a high cost to all concerned. This is why they intermarry. To keep the family secrets and producing another generation of would be morons.

  4. Sick,sick,sick,all these,I can’t think of anything low enough to call them,pig shit in a wheel rut,maybe ,they are absolutely disgusting

  5. Why do we have to discuss these pathetic bastards, their wicked deeds and their crazy, insane beliefs. These are satanists through and through.
    We don’t have to put up with their crap. They must be deported or shot with their own dung, these filthy, evil beasts.

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