Religion of Acid Attacks

Watch out for Paki lawyers:

Colleagues throw acid on female lawyer in Multan

LAHORE: Two male lawyers splashed acid on their female colleague while at the premises of the Multan District Court, a private television channel reported on Wednesday. The local police said Karimud Din Khilji advocate and his son Waqas Khilji advocate threw acid on a junior advocate, Nazima, in their chambers. The police said they had arrested the culprits, but were unsure as to what may have prompted the perpetrators to do such a thing. The victim suffered serious burn injuries and was shifted to the Nishtar Hospital in Multan. The Tundra Tabloids has more>>

Eye on the World:

Muslim Egyptian Girl Who Converted to Christianity Subjected to Acid Attack

A 15-year-old girl in Egypt who converted from Islam to Christianity has been attacked with acid. Her father, who is also a Christian convert, helped protect her from serious injury during the attack. Both of them are the subjects of local death fatwas in the city of Alexandria.

Remember Obama yapping, in Egypt of all places, that “throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality”? Here’s a perfect example to illustrate just that.

(AINA) — Dina el-Gowhary, the 15-year-old Egyptian Muslim-born girl who converted to Christianity, was subjected to an acid attack, the latest in a string of failed attempts by Muslim fanatics against her and her father, 57-year-old Peter Athanasius (Maher el-Gowhary), who converted to Christianity 35 years ago. Several Fatwa’s were issued calling for the “spilling of his blood,” which makes their lives in constant danger in the face of the reactionaries and advocates for the enforcement of Islamic apostasy laws, which call for the death of a convert.

Dina said that three weeks ago as she ventured out from their hiding place in Alexandria with her father to get some bottled water, her jacket was set on fire due to acid being thrown at her. “My father quickly took my jacket off before the fire reached my arms. Ever since then I am terrorized to go out in the street, with or without my father.”


3 thoughts on “Religion of Acid Attacks”

  1. I wonder how muslims can live with THEIR religion after having seen the pictures above. How dare a muslim male destroy the physical appearance of a woman! But one thing is clear – despite their terrible injuries, inflicted upon them because they chose to be true to themselves, these woman have shown us what real courage is. I salute them. They represent the best in humanity. As to the muslim male pigs who inflicted these injuries – no punishment is too terrible to be inflicted upon these selfish, mindless, doltish thugs! They represent the worst in humanity, and a stronger comparison is just not possible,

  2. I these men “all” them selves muslim and these are horrible crimes that they are committing and god will deal with them but this is not true islam I am a proud muslim because I know the true beauty and meaning of islam and what u see right here is a horrible and makes trues muslims look like crazy nasty horrible people I might be hard not judge all muslims after seeing this but just know that they aren’t muslim if they can do this to someone or somerthing

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