The attackers were "dark-skinned and of a Middle Eastern appearance"

Sydney Moonbat Herald

Four boys charged as tourist fights for his life

Eye on the world:

Tourists attacked by 10 youths in Australia …..

Must have been another “accident”- like this one: The leaders of four local Muslim associations held a press conference to deplore the “accident” and warn that it could “cause xenophobia”. Indeed. That’s the real news angle here: Muslims kill and terrorize unbelievers,  blow up trains and blame us for “Islamophobia”

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Saudi national accused of the brutal rape and robbery of an older man he picked up at a Manhattan nightclub (NY Daily News) Seems they can’t make do with goats & donkeys….

Immigrant killed by 3 asylum seekers in the UK for his mobile phone

Muslims don’t kill, mobile phones kill

‘Mystery’ Vandals Trash Grave of British War Hero…