Todays Offerings From the Religion of Peace

Litigation Jihad in the US:

The strange case of the hijabbed whore/Atlas:   Woman Suing Judge over Hijab-Ban Worried about Nude Pics/she’s a ‘revert’, of course…. Barenaked has more:  LEGAL JIHAD GONE BAD! Nudie pix come back to bite Muslim woman in the ass

British Nanny State/ Jawa Report: read it & weep!

Switzerland: Canton guidelines allow burkini in school

The “pure” Muslimas can’t possibly be seen wearing bathing suits like the infidel whores….

This ‘Burkini submission’ irritates the national SVP party leadership. “No special provisions,” urges fraction president Caspar Baader. The neopren burka with integrated head covering has no place in Swiss schools. “We’re not in Turkey here and not in Iran. Whoever lives with us has to integrate, that is: participating in swimming lessons completely normally.” Islam in Europe

Michigan, where shooting at police officers is soon to be legal…

…at least for Muslims.  Top [Michigan] prosecutor to review FBI shooting of imam

For those of you just tuning in, Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah – true to his repeated threats against law enforcement – drew his weapon and fired on FBI agents attempting to arrest him. The agents involved returned fire, killing the Imam. The latter event is evidently viewed as criminal behavior in the fine state of Michigan.  Jawa Report

Don’t you know a pilot who can land a jet on the kaaba in Mecca?

BAGHDAD (AP) – Iraqi security forces disrupted a 9/11-style plot by al-Qaida in Iraq to fly hijacked planes into Shiite religious shrines, Iraqi and U.S. officials said Wednesday. More from eye on the world…

Brussels: Riots after fatal police chase

The usual: Muslim gang-members were stopped by police, police felt threatened and shot one of them. The other jumped from a bridge to escape. He was seriously injured and brought to hospital. His chances of surviving the fall are slim.

Instantly, the fanatical frenzy ensues:

Riots started off in the Brussels suburb of Sint-Gillis Monday night. The incident began at about at around 8pm next to the Bethlehem Square. Several youth set off small fires and threw oil on the square. Calm was restored when the police showed up and occupied the square, but then the incidents began in earnest.

Youth threw stones at the police, turned over cars and set them alight. They also threw Molotov cocktails. After the police killed a gang member from Sint-Gillis, the youth hate the police more than ever. “We’ll turn this into Chicago.”Read more: Riots after fatal police chase

5 thoughts on “Todays Offerings From the Religion of Peace”

  1. That’s the only time I find the face covering sexy… I once knew a girl that was so ugly the only way you could make love to her was to put a bag…

    Honestly! Bags over a girls head can be sexy!
    Just joking!
    Go Switzerland! You cannot allow this dress. It is a sign of apartheid!
    Fight it tooth and nail just like you fought the minarets.
    Quebec has banned the head covering. I only wish the rest of the Canadian provinces would follow suit.
    We are waking up slowly to the realization that Islam will never integrate into our western societies.

  2. al-Kidya, good morning if you’ve just woken up. Integration or not, there are just one too many of them who have dug in their heels and have become so well interlaced in your society. And to complicate things further, western civilization is divided along this fine line of humanism vs. nationalism that, incidentally, plays well into their hands.

    I see no immediate and no logical solution in the horizon. In fact, an aggressive inclination for the removal of this alien ideological cancer from within your midst will have dire consequences on your societies and prove determental to all. What is left is free speech. Sure, more sites like this one will continue to pop up in protest, but that’s just about how far the reactionary movement will go.

    What is needed is a craftier appproch. One that is encouraged and condoned by God Himself. We must evangelize the lot with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many will most assuredly believe in Christ and many more will pack their bags and return from whence they came from.

  3. nolaughing matter,
    We must evangelize the lot with the Gospel of the Lord Yes, bring on more graphic phonographies and protect more pedophiles like Zakaria
    Buttroast , sorry Boutros.
    In fact MANY more will turn their backs on you ,baby.

  4. Shake yer money,
    Is that so? You are living proof that your kind can tolerate anything, and I mean anything, BUT the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Instead of assassinating Zaccaria Boutrous’s character, why don’t you do something more useful. Refute ANY of his expositions.
    You see, you are unable; hence your resort to the only form of language you know – foul!

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