What Crime Must a Mohammedan Commit to Go to Jail in Obamastan?

From Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch:

A good question from Doug Giles — and note, of course, that while Doug is right that the mainstream media did not report on the Muslim bb gun shooting of a gay man in San Francisco, we did here at Jihad Watch:

Let me see if I have this right: Muslims can confess to shooting a man they thought was gay in the face with a BB gun and can plea out and get community service? Well isn’t that special?And a Muslim can smoke a pipe in the bathroom of an airborne 757 and then, when caught, act like a cavalier jackass to the arresting air marshal and walk away because of some diplomatic immunity nonsense? Is that it? Yes? Oh, okay. Well, I have four words for that … la-di-flippin’-da. (Someone help me here: Does diplomatic immunity also extend to terrorism?)

So you heard about the dipstick diplomat from Qatar firing up on a plane, but you didn’t hear about the three Muslims shooting at gays in the Bay area, you say? Well, that’s really weird. I wonder why most of you missed that? Oh, I remember: It’s because the Deranged Stream Media buries and/or severely downplays stories about Islamic whack jobs as well as flag-burning liberal protesters and skewers only those on the right, right? Here’s the untold story.

I wonder if the militant gay community is going raise Cain about these three Muslim cats going out and strafing their buddies because you know they would get righteously irate if three Pentecostal youth ministers were the culprits. But don’t hold your breath, folks….

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  1. The way I see it, mohammedians should be beheaded for being mohammedians. That is a crime in itself. Even if they fart in public, they should be horse whipped, the dirty, miserable pig earing scumbags.

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