4 thoughts on “BNP candidate attacked in daylight by Mohammedan thugs (leaked)”

  1. Um! Who attacked whom?
    I couldn’t tell but it looked to me like the BNP guy won!

  2. Yes! I thought it was started equally,too.
    The usual provocation clause worked.
    The young man-chicks didn’t need any p-r-0-v-o-c-a-t-i-o-n, though. They were spoiling for a fight. That spit was disgusting. And, yes, the BNP candidate defended himself very well!

    How many seats did they win in the British Elections?

  3. You cannot expect any thing else from these muslim thugs – if they want a blue then give them one – but make sure you win!

  4. Well done to Bob Bailey, an ex Royal Marine, for standing his ground! It seems to be common these days for white males in England to shrink away when confronted by asian or black thugs, so this is very refreshing to see.

    Also, Dhumme Dhimmi, unfortunately the BNP got no seats in the election, which is hardly surprising given the recent revelations of election fraud going on up and down the country! Oh well, guess we’re stuck with mass immigration and a lenient “justice” system for the next five years.

    Hopefully the American’s will have the sense to get rid of the Obomber in their next election, so there might once again be a chance of the good ol’ USA becoming a sanctuary for Brits who’ve simply had enough!

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