KRudd Will Save Australia From "Radical Islam" by Throwing Millions at it…

Assuming somehow, that there is a form of Islam which is not “radical”…. In the real world, cynics would call it jiziya, while  optimists call it tribute, hoping in vain that it buys some kind of protection. In any case, KRudd can be trusted to find the “right” people and spend the money wisely, right?

Budget spending targets radicals

SKY News, video/ thanks to Dhumme & Rosscoe

Millions of dollars will be spent trying to halt the spread of radical Islam as part of a big-spending Federal Budget package to bolster national security.

Tuesday’s election-year Budget will include hundreds of millions of dollars for national security as Labor tackles concerns it has gone soft on border protection following the flood of asylum seekers in recent months, News Ltd says.

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The government will announce ‘preventative’ measures to counter the growth of radical terrorist cells across Australia.

While the government will be careful not to demonise Muslims with its policies, it’s understood new programs will target the potential spread of radical extremism in the nation’s jails, News Ltd says.

Some states already have their own programs, aimed at stopping the rise of radical Islam in prisons, but the Budget is expected to outline a national scheme, with religious classes and better contact between inmates and their families.

Trusting KRudd with protecting us from ‘radical Islam’ is about as clever as allowing the soldiers of Allah to babysit your underage daughters…..

7 thoughts on “KRudd Will Save Australia From "Radical Islam" by Throwing Millions at it…”

  1. The poll you are running is showing Confinement and Deportation as the winner.
    This would be cheaper for the Australian Taxpayer in the long run than trying to intergrate these terrorists. They don’t like us and we don’t like them. Talk to anyone in our streets, apart from the total idiots in our country. The Australians don’t want them here at all. It is our country not yours alone Mr. Rudd. We all have a share and should have a say in who we want in it.
    We are the ones waiting in queues for hospital beds, the government cannot handle it. We have to stand in line for public housing. They get of their uninvited boats and are given preference in housing. They have many wives, with many pensions. We had to struggle to get pensions in this country and they certainly don’t get them in their countries.
    The police now has had to make a new “Middle Eastern Crime Squad”. We never had an Irish Crime Squad, not a French Crime Squad, nor a Scandinavian Crime Squad. I could go on.
    These Middle Eastern crooks and killers and thieves and now run the drug trade, the Bikie Gangs, we see them kick their own women in the street (Auburn Pizza shop last week).
    They are running the stolen car rackets (another Auburn Event from the Police two weeks ago) its all there in the police reports. They don’t give a damn about us, and either does our government.
    So Mr. Rudd in your own words “Fair suck of the Sav”. You know more about the sucking habits of the middle easterners than we do. How about a fair go for Australians first. Please.

  2. And I cant believe I voted for you Mr. Rudd. Imagine that. I have never voted for the Liberal party, but if pushed by your attitude toward your own people, well I will have to have a rethink. You have thrown away all the ideals Australia once stood for. I can hear tears from heaven from Ben Chiefley, John Curtain, Jack Lang. And laughter from Pig Iron Bob Menzies.

  3. It’s bi-partisan, Therese – from memory, the “Middle Eastern Crime Squad” predates the Rudd Govt, but in turn is blowback from the Hawke / Keating era, and Fraser & Whitlam were big on the “multi-culti” stuff before them.

  4. Whoever brought these shit headed nappy wearers into our country is immaterial now. What is the government doing about them now, that is the question? It beats me how anyone could ever vote labour. They have always proved to be buffoons and totally incompetent. Our economy was in tatters when Peter Costello took over and now, in the space of two and a half years, we are worse off than before. How many billions of dollars are we in debt due to Mr. Goose? Over 100 boats have brought illegals here during Krudds reign? 40 Afghan terrorists brought in and given citizenship. Krudd is a moron and so is the entire labour party. We are in danger as long as this goat is our P.M.

  5. We are in danger full stop, Huddie. If I could confidently vote for a party based on its policies towards islamisation, illegal immigration & the like, I would do so but it looks like neither major party will attract my vote, and I am sick of voting for the “least worst” option. How about a real & clear choice from a party, instead of more of the same “majority of muslims are peaceful & integrating” and similar nonsense.

    Cory Bernardi will get my first Senate vote, but the rest of the ALP / Lib / CP and the like are doing nothing for me. muslim reference groups, chairs of islamic excellence and other tried & failed solutions are not an answer – they aren’t even placebos.

    Tony Abbott: Debate needed on Islam’s place
    Most Muslim Australians are integrating into our democratic way of life

    [Like the Prime Minister, I would find the burka confronting. Even so, I wonder who faces the greater cultural shock: Australians who notice a few women wearing headscarves, or migrants from Muslim countries adjusting to almost complete sexual freedom, gender equality, cultural diversity and commercial laissez faire? It’s hardly surprising that some respond by associating with their fellow Muslims and defining themselves by their differences from other Australians.

    There is no doubt that some Muslims find aspects of the Australian way of life objectionable. A minority systematise that by denying legitimacy to any non-Muslim state. Still, treating all Muslims as suspect because some Muslims resist integrating would make a difficult situation far worse.]

    Try it Tony – you might get a surprise, since allah is opposed to anything short of global dominion.

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