New York: Mohammed sentenced to 15-years-to-life for stabbing, 'eating' his wife

She deserved it. She made him do it!

All because he suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of his wife. “She was a very violent individual,” Mr Scarpa said. “She was not a saintly woman.”

Update: Mohammad Solaiman want’s you to know he’s no Hannibal Lecter.

New York Post/thanks to Mullah

One could almost sympathize. Most of us know some unsaintly women. But why did he have to eat her liver and lungs in front of their 4-year old daughter? and why did he have to stab her 250 times?

But hey, he can’t be all bad: after being sentenced, he declared his love for his sister in law…..

Solaiman Mohammed, Butcher, Cannibal…..

A Queens man Mohammed SolaimanLecter who killed his wife was accused in court of eating her innards by the victim’s distraught sister today.

  • Husband kills wife, eats her liver and lungs
  • Daughter, 4, showed mutilated remains
  • Solaiman suffered physical abuse – lawyer
  • Mohammad Solaiman was in court to be sentenced this afternoon for stabbing his wife Shahida Sultanna more than 250 times during a rampage in their Jamaica home in December 2007.

    Their 4-year-old daughter was in the next room and witnessed the bloody aftermath.

    Sultanna’s sister, Ferdousi Begum, shuddered and bawled as she begged Solaiman to explain why he killed his wife.

    “He took out her liver and her lungs and he ate it,” Begum wailed. “He drank her blood. Her daughter told me that.”

    Solaiman’s lawyer John Scarpa “categorically” denied the allegation that Solaiman feasted on his wife’s remains.

    “He may have killed his wife but he didn’t turn into a cannibal,” Scarpa said.

    He went on to say that Solaiman suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of his wife.

    “She was a very violent individual,” Scarpa said. “She was not a saintly woman.”

    Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter shot back, “Are you saying she deserved what she got?”

    “It was a violent outburst under extreme emotional disturbance,” Scarpa replied.

    Buchter sentenced Solaiman to 15-years-to-life in prison after pleading guilty in March to second-degree murder. He also pleaded guilty to evidence tampering, child endangerment and weapons charges, for which he received concurrent one-year sentences.

    Buchter noted that the file on Solaiman, who never said why he killed his wife, the contained no evidence the killer was abused at home.

    “We do know the defendant stabbed the victim in her face, in her neck, in her torso, in her back and also in her pubic region, Buchter said.

    “His final act of savagery was to expose his 4-year-old daughter to the horrific murder scene to view her mother’s mutilated remains,” Buchter added.

    Before the sentence was handed down, Solaiman was given the chance to speak.

    “I’m sorry,” he told Buchter.

    “Don’t tell me you’re sorry,” the judge said.

    Solaiman turned to Sultanna’s sister and said, “I’m sorry.”

    “You’re not going to tell me why?” she wailed.

    “I love you,” Solaiman replied.

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