The Whole Ugly Truth

Thanks to Politically Incorrect and Dr. Gudrun Eussner

Killed for “bringing the light of Christianity” to the Muslim savages:

Lydia and Anna Hentschel, six and four, were flown back to Germany in a Challenger 601 jet of the German Luftwaffe on Wednesday.

The family was seized by gunmen on June 12, 2009 while on an excursion with two female German Bible school students, who had worked as assistant nurses, a British engineer and a female South Korean teacher. The badly mutilated dead bodies of the German Bible school students and the Korean teacher were found three days later. What happened to the Brit is unknown.

The brutality and length of this hostage taking may be explained by the fact that the girls father had been trying to convert Muslims to the Christian faith. German authorities believe that the Germans were regarded as Christian missionaries in Sa’ada and missionary writings were found in the belongings of the Bible students who have been murdered.

Johannes, a technician and Arabic speaker, and Sabine, a nurse, had fulfilled a dream by uprooting themselves off their home in Saxony seven years ago and moving to Yemen. They were employed by Worldwide Services, a Christian charity based in the Netherlands, which makes the qualification used by the media, that they “were regarded” missionaries, appear somewhat superfluous. To all intents and purposes, they WERE missionaries.

They had planned to return to Germany this year for their daughters to start school.

I won’t say much about the parents. Just that this is just another sickmaking example of what German “idealism” is capable of doing. Because THEY thought THEY could bring the light to the savages in one of the most backward countries in the world, because of this preposterous arrogance, because they thought that made it worthwhile to start a family and live there, they are now most likely dead, together with their baby son who never had a chance.

The baby son, in case he survived, will be raised as a Muslim among Muslim tribesmen.

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2 thoughts on “The Whole Ugly Truth”

  1. This is not ‘preposterous arrogance’, it is true Christian faith. Many muslim souls can be saved and their lives changed for good. Christians are not told to restrict who they try and take the Gospel to.
    These people are true martyrs, and the true church has always been, and always will be built on the blood of martyrs.

  2. The parents are probably dead but the young boy is almost certainly alive and will be raised as a muslim pig. Kill every Yemeni tribesman until the the locations of these people are given and they can be returned to Germany for a decent burial, and the young boy is returned to his sisters. What has happened to this young family is what muslims do every day to others – muslims are not welcome.

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