Woman fined for wearing burqa in Novara, Italy

ITALIAN police fined a Muslim woman for wearing a full Islamic veil in a street in the northern city of Novara, possibly the first such incident in Italy, city officials said.

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“City police ticketed her last night and she will have to pay a €500 ($712) fine,” Mauro Franzinelli of the Novara municipal police told AFP.

“As far as I know this is a first in Italy,” he said adding that the woman could appeal.

In other news:

Novara, in Italy’s northeastern Piedmont region, is a stronghold of the anti-immigration Northern League, a key party in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative government.

The woman, a Tunisian national, was stopped by police officers outside a post office in the company of her husband. When her husband refused to have her identified by male officers they called in a patrol comprising a woman officer.

“City hall adopted a decree in late January banning the burqa in public places and their vicinity, which is based on a commentary by the interior ministry who received a copy of the draft,” said Mauro Franzinelli, who is also a local Northern League official.

Covering one’s face – with a veil or a motorcycle helmet – in public has been banned in Italy since 1975.

4 thoughts on “Woman fined for wearing burqa in Novara, Italy”

  1. This is good news. If I walked around town in a bear suit I’d be questioned too, and no one would call my husband in to verify that he had given me permission to walk around in a bear suit. And none of the politically correct brigade would fight for my right to walk around in a disguise.

    However, today I was talking to a normally intelligent, educated man. When he started on how he didn’t know how to vote for in Britain, although Nick Clegg looked as a good choice, I told him that Nick Clegg was the one who’d said that he’d love to be woken up at 4 every morning to the sound of imams calling to prayer; that it would be a “joyful” sound. My friend looked at me as if I was weird.
    “That’s what democracy is all about” he said. “You can’t stop people from following their religion in a democracy.”

    What, not even when what they preach in those joyful sermons is that you should be made to become a muslim and if not, killed?

    “No, “I may not agree with you but I’ll fight to the death to defend your right to say it”, don’t know who said that,” he answered.

    This is what we’re up against. Not the bloody imams.

  2. Actually, its worse than that: this morning I saw four stoopid females on Australian TV, (must be the Aussie version of the VIEW, only dumber) who agreed to vote for Obambi

    “because he is sexy”….

  3. Cecile,
    You are correct. The right of self determination of religion is fundamental, but muslims are working to take that away from people – so the issue is a lot deeper than black and white. Muslims are abusing the right and privilege of free speech and freedom of choice and they are using these freedoms to do so. At this point protection of the rights of the majority take lead, which means that these freedoms should be removed from many muslims who are abusing these rights. Effectively, fighting against the muslim invasion is fighting for freedom, but many like your friend cannot see beyond the simple model or are unwilling to face the moral questions honestly. We have muslims trying to fix elections (they have being doing this for some time), muslims assaulting reporters, and muslims lying to cheat the system. Their motivation is islam. Ask your friend if these are the people he wants in his country. If muslims behaved properly and integrated there would be nothing to say, and anything said would be racist – this is patiently not the case!!!

  4. I find Obama disgusting..I have to reach for the remote..his voice really , really annoys me. There is something really contrived about it. People who vote for a poli because they consider him sexy , should not be allowed to vote.

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