Female Genital Mutilation in the US of A? WTF?

Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University

Cornell students: female genital mutilation is being practiced on your campus. What are you going to do about it?


While the whole world was debating the American Academy of Pediatrics’ position on “female genital cutting”—the AAP was against it before they were for it, and now, after an outcry, they’re against it again—Alice Dreger and Ellen Feder have been raising the alarm about “medical research” currently being conducted at Cornell University. A pediatric urologist at Cornell—Dix Poppas—has been operating on little girls with what he judges to be oversized clitorises, cutting away important clitoral tissues, and then stitching the glans to what remains of the shaft. Poppas claims that, unlike past clitoral-reduction procedures, his procedure is “nerve sparing.”

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FGM in Kurdistan: Same Razor Used on Girls in Succession…/TROP

First big problem: “nerve-sparing” surgeries don’t always work. And the chunks of these girls’ clitorises that the doctor is cutting away—large pieces of their clitoral shafts—may be just as important as the clitoral glans. Dreger:

To shorten these clitorises, Poppas is saving the glans (tip) but cutting out parts of the shaft. Bo Laurent has pointed out that Masters and Johnsons showed that many women masturbate by rubbing the shafts of their clitorises. (Think about it: the clit is the homologue of the penis. How do men masturbate?) Many women seem to find their clitoral glans almost too sensitive. Poppas’s patients are loosing the option of touching parts of their shafts, because he’s throwing them out (after the cut-away parts have been sent to pathology to see if he accidentally took out a nerve).

There’s lots to be outraged about here: there’s nothing wrong with these girls and their healthy, functional-if-larger-than-average clitorises; there’s no need to operate on these girls; and surgically altering a girl’s clitoris because it’s “too big” has been found to do lasting physical and psychological harm. But what’s most outrageous is how Poppas is “proving” that his surgery “spares nerves.” Dreger and Feder:

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Obambi blows $160 million dollars on "climate change" and "schools…" in Indonesia!

The climate changer in chief is uninterested in plugging the hole in the gulf. Since  he extorted $20 billion dollars from BP he doesn’t give a rats ass……

Former Oil Worker: The Cleanup Is All For Show (Video) Gateway Pundit

Obama is very generous with his Muslim brothers:

More than £2bn of cash has been openly flown out of Kabul airport since 2007, raising fears huge sums of British and American aid are being creamed off by corrupt officials.

Afghanistan’s endemic corruption and Hamid Karzai’s failure to tackle the problem have angered his western backers

More than three billion dollars, packed into suitcases, loaded onto pallets, and declared to the Afghan authorities has been loaded onto airplanes and flown legally out of the country from Kabul International Airport in the last three years. Telegraph UK

How To Run Drug Money: Be A (Large) Bank

No big U.S. bank — Wells Fargo included — has ever been indicted for violating the Bank Secrecy Act or any other federal law. Instead, the Justice Department settles criminal charges by using deferred-prosecution agreements, in which a bank pays a fine and promises not to break the law again.Drug Money>>>

Its all for the greater good, no doubt:

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions

Drugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the United Nations‘ drugs and crime tsar has told the Observer. The Guardian

The Left, despots and crooks. Why do they make such easy allies?

Age readers side with Robert Mugabe

Why does Sowdi Barbaria exist?

Saudi king: Israel and Iran do not deserve to exist”

From Le Figaro (French) thanks to the Elder of Ziyon:

The Saudi monarch, who met Tuesday Barack Obama in the White House, did not mince his words the recent trip by the French Minister of Defense Hervé Morin to Jeddah.  “There are two countries in the world who do not deserve to exist: Iran and Israel,“  said King Abdullah, on June 5.

This diatribe against the two designated enemies of Arabia has been confirmed by two French sources, diplomatic and military, in Paris. It is unclear what the reaction of the Minister of Defence was, – he was surrounded by a handful of diplomats and high-ranking officers in the audience with the king, culminating a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.

Years after promising reform, Saudi textbooks in America still teach hatred of unbelievers & Jews…

As the Philosémitisme Blog comments, “Of course Saudi Arabia has the right to exist and is a pure blessing for humanity.”

Other News:

Indonesia demands more jiziya for fake asylum seekers

People smuggling business is good business for Indonesia. They have no intention to stop it.

The malevolent Muammar Gaddafi, despot of Libya,  demanded (and got)  $5 billion Euros “compensation for colonialism” from Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. That money was supposed to stop the flow of Mohammedan welfare seekers, who were  landing in large numbers on the Italian coast every day. The numbers  of African and Arab asylum seekers have since dropped, but they still keep coming. Same here in Australia. Indonesia keeps sending us ever increasing numbers of Mohammedans, which advances the Islamization of Australia and brings much needed cash into Indo coffers.

The Indo’s have not intention to stop this unless we pay them off handsomely.

“We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances under which they come.”

Former Australian PM,John Howard,Sydney,October 2001.

Instead, we got “compassionate & caring” KRudd. Our children will be  paying in blood for the mess created by a grandstanding fool who should hang from a lamppost for the treason  committed on the people of Australia.

Indonesia waiting for policy change on asylum-seekers

  • Stephen Fitzpatrick   From:The Australian
  • INDONESIA warned yesterday that Jakarta would not allow itself to become a refugee processing centre for Australia.

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    The “Asylum” Plague Which Is Sucking the Lifeblood from Our Nation

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    Wrong Mohammed, Wrong Aisha, Wrong House ….

    On the other hand, nothing happens against the will of Allah. Allah wanted them dead, and that’s it. No outrage, not a beep from the religion of peace. But imagine for one moment if white Brits from the BNP had firebombed them! Blackburn would be on fire:

    UK: Innocent couple dies in house fire in botched honor killing

    The honor murderers got the wrong house. In any case, here is yet more evidence of the broad tolerance for honor murders in Islamic communities in the West. “Innocent couple died ‘after wrong house was fire-bombed in bungled honour killing,’” from the Daily Mail, June 29 (thanks to JW):

    An innocent couple died in a house fire at the hands of assailants who got the wrong address in a botched honour killing, a court heard today.Abdullah Mohammed, 41, and his wife, Aysha Mohammed, 39, were overcome by smoke and fumes after an accelerant was poured through their letterbox and set alight.

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    Signs of Sanity

    Government Dismisses Deportation Case Against Mosab Hassan Yousef

    Judge agrees to grant asylum to ex-Israeli spy

    Update: is this guy kosher? Pamela has some doubts:

    Spencer found this in Mosab’s book:

    In his book Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef says, “I am the son of a people who have been enslaved by corrupt systems for many centuries” (p. 248). One of those corrupt systems, in his view, is the Israeli government: “I was a prisoner of the Israelis when my eyes were opened to the fact that the Palestinian people were as oppressed by their own leaders as they were by Israel….Delivered from the oppression of Europe, Israel became the oppressor” (pp. 249-250).

    Israel is the oppressor of the Palestinians? It sounds as if Mosab Hassan Yousef hasn’t modified his old Hamas views all that much — for if the Palestinians would cut out the jihad against Israel, they would immediately find that Israeli “oppression” would end. But he doesn’t seem to take that into account.

    By KyleS

    EMET has just received word directly from Mosab that the Government has officially dismissed its deportation case against Mosab Hassan Yousef at a federal detention center in San Diego.

    Yousef says he will be killed if he is deported from the United States to the West Bank. The oldest son of one of Hamas’ founders, he was an Israeli spy for a decade, and he abandoned Islam for Christianity, further marking him a traitor.

    Mosab has told us that it was thanks to the efforts of EMET that the government decided to dismiss its case and grant him political asylum.

    EMET is enormously grateful to all those who played a part in standing with Mosab during this time, and helping the Department of Homeland Security come to understand what a grave error deporting Mosab would have been.

    A special thank you is due to Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), who authored a letter to DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, co-sponsored with 21 other Representatives. We wish to thank each and every representative who added their names to this call for sanity and to do right by a man who has stood up to terrorism and hatred, at a great personal cost.

    Thanks also to former Ambassador R. James Woolsey, who also wrote a letter on Mosab’s behalf, and to all those who called, wrote, or emailed their congressional representatives and the White House on behalf of seeing justice done.

    Urban Infidel just sent this in:

    Amnesia supports Muslims in rejecting veil ban in Spain, helps to pressurize politicians….

    Hysterical laugh of the day: Iran slams Canada over “human rights abuse”

    Once upon a time, Amnesia used to care about human rights. At least that’s what we used  to believe.

    Now,  Amnesia is has been taken over by loons who suck up to dictators seeking to atone for America’s sins as if America and the West are the serial violators of human rights.

    Catalonia set to vote on burqa ban

    John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s expert on discrimination in Europe, supports misogyny, wife beating, child-marriage, polygamy, Islamic jihad, mass-migration and subversion under the guise of “choice” and  “religious rights laws”.

    Did this discredited bunch of losers ever have a moral compass?

    Iran Press TV

    The regional parliament in Catalonia is due to vote on a ban on the use of the face-covering veil and the burqa in public, fueling debates over the freedom of rights in the country.

    The motion was put down by two conservative parliament members demanding that Catalonia “adopt the legal reforms necessary to ban the wearing of clothes that totally cover the face.”

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    Farraklan demands: Jews must pay the jiziya to blacks….

    Nation of Islam leader accuses Jews of ‘anti-black’ behavior, asks for “dialogue”

    Sura 5:82 says: Worst among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) wilt thou find the Jews……

    Associated Press

    CHICAGO — Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has written the leaders of more than a dozen major U.S. Jewish groups and denominations seeking “repair of my people from the damage” he claims Jews have caused blacks for centuries.

    Farrakhan sent the letter along with two books from the Nation of Islam Historical Research Team that the 77-year-old minister said prove “an undeniable record of Jewish Anti-Black behavior,” starting with the slave trade and Jim Crow laws.

    “We could charge you with being the most deceitful so-called friend, while your history with us shows you have been our worst enemy,” he wrote.

    Farrakhan has long accused Jews of wrongdoing in speeches, but he has rarely addressed Jewish groups so directly in writing.

    The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights group which distributed copies of the letter, said in a statement Tuesday that Farrakhan’s “anti-Semitism is obsessive, diabolical and unrestrained. He has opened a new chapter in his ministry where scapegoating Jews is not just part of a message, but the message.”

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    King Abdullah is "very pleased" with his boy in the White House

    New York Slimes

    Obama Sidesteps a Diplomatic Fuss

    President Obama played host to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the White House.

    One way to get around the whole bowing problem? Don’t let in the reporters until you’re already sitting down.

    President Obama played host to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the White House on Tuesday but avoided the diplomatic trapdoor he fell through a year ago by greeting the monarch without cameras around to record whether he bowed first.

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