"Death to all Juice" guy arrested

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NJ Jihadist Carlos Almonte hated Jews too, was “Death to all Juice” guy

An update from this:SH Breaking: 2 NJ Men Arrested At JFK Airport (On Terrorism Charges) and this:

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This weekend the FBI picked up two New Jersey men at JFK airport who were intending to find their way to Somalia to train in Al-Shabaab terror camps. According to the indictment unsealed Sunday, one of the men, Carlos Almonte, said that he wanted to send Americans home “in caskets”. According to the NY Post, he also boasted,

“I’m gonna get a gun. I’m the type of person to use it anytime . . . I’ll have more bodies on it than . . . the hairs on my beard. You know what I’m saying? It’s already enough that you don’t worship Allah, so . . . that’s a reason for you to die.”

But we can reveal exclusively here at Jawa that Carlos Almonte was the infamous “Death to all Juice” guy (hey, maybe he can take Helen Thomas’ spot in the WH press corps?). The picture below, which Almonte posted on his Facebook page, shows him in action.

Spencer: The Jihad of Unmarried New Jersey Men

In Human Events today I skewer media bias regarding the latest jihad news in the U.S.:

How biased is the liberal media? No more or less biased than Barack Obama. Both have made it a matter of policy not to mention “Islam” in connection with “terrorism,” and to look resolutely the other way when Islamic jihadists justify their actions by referring to Islamic texts and teachings.So millions of Americans are completely clueless about the nature of the threat we’re facing–understandably, since they simply never have been told. A case in point of how this deceptive game works comes in a Sunday Reuters story about two Islamic jihadists who were arrested at JFK Airport on their way to Somalia to join the jihad there.

This story is not a particularly egregious example of media bias. In fact, it’s fairly straightforward (not to say remotely objective), but it reflects what passes for acceptable practices among “journalists” these days.

What details does Reuters think are the most salient details in this case? We learn that the people arrested are “men,” and that they’re “unmarried American citizens” and “residents of New Jersey.” They were planning to join a “militant group” in Somalia, one that Reuters describe as a “youth movement”–you know, like the Boy Scouts with beheadings.

Reuters adds that the arrests had something to do with the men’s “social circle.” It’s unclear what they meant by this. Were these men part of a criminal gang? Or did they plot murder and mayhem at the local mosque, as so many other Muslims have done around the world over the last few years? And if the latter, what interest does Reuters have in making them sound like a bunch of guys playing basketball instead of a band of murderous Islamic supremacists that they are?…

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