Gaddafi: "We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse"

He said it. “Gaddafi: God ‘Allah’ did not create a Europe for Europeans only,” from Firas Press (Google translation), June 8 (thanks to Elder of Ziyon) via Jihad Watch:

Tripoli – Firas Press: urged the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Muslims in the European Union to unite and join the People’s Leadership of the Islamic World, which he chaired, to counter what he considered a threat to the Muslims there, pointing out that God – the Almighty – created the earth for all people and not for sex particular, in reference to the Europeans.Gaddafi said at the meeting, on Thursday evening, in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the heads of delegations of leaders of the Social Popular Islamic Forum Muammar friendship and networking in the Balkans, and the Association of Gaddafi to young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were visiting Libya, «You are a rarity in Europe, you get the large number of willing God in the day, you will have the upper hand and higher levels, you will be imams and Oarthyn of the European continent ».

He added: «If Turkey joined the European Union, and the presence of both states the Balkans in the European Union and Albania in the European Union, the meaning of this is that the European continent is no longer a crusade or a Christian as it was, but Islam has become a strong partner in the European continent to the ground and human beings and actually».

«We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse, which tells the history».

And reduced-Qadhafi, who holds the rotating presidency of the Arab summit, of the importance of statistics that declare the number of Muslims in Europe, said it was not true, because it is tendentious statistics show that Muslims are a minority. However, he added: «Muslims more than the number declared by the official statistics».

He added, saying: «Fortunately, the Muslims started to multiply and multiply more than the rest of the other religions, maybe this is a sign of God. Thus the will of God, made Muslims multiply times higher than other breeds. Perhaps this is proof that God wants to be more Muslims than anyone else in the end»….

He said: «We must unite in Europe, and to be an Islamic state and one under the banner of the World Islamic People’s Leadership», pointing out that God created the earth for all people….

4 thoughts on “Gaddafi: "We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse"”

  1. “Perhaps this is proof that God wants to be more Muslims than anyone else in the end”

    Possibly, but then again if the harvest of the earth is ripe, then muslims will certainly be harvested:

    Another angel came out from the temple, crying with a loud voice to him who sat on the cloud, “Send forth your sickle, and reap; for the hour to reap has come; for the harvest of the earth is ripe!”
    (Revelation 14:15)

    Everything muslims do is a counterfeit of the truth, even if they do it unwittingly. They are doomed, and their evil “god” and “prophet” with them.

  2. Hope that the European leaders finaly will understand this message.
    Geert Wilders had it right,.

  3. Yes Maria Geert Wilders has got it right. And, so have many others.

    This old “Queen” – Gadafi, is a doddering old ratbag who wears the wrong coloured lipstick.

    He sent killers to blow up airlines thirty years ago. Then he came in from the cold – which was a ploy – now joins his friends in Turkey for more skulduggery. Well, let it be known and make no mistake – Turks hate Arabs too. They look down on them. This Turk-Arab friendship can only last so long.

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