Turkey: Slipping Into Darkness

Well, its not like they ever left the twilight zone….

Atlas Shrugs:

Re-Islamization of Turkey: Returning to ……

UPDATE: Turkey Emerges in a Sinister New Role As ‘Aid Flotilla’ Seeks To Run Blockade

As Turkey marches to re-Islamization and the “glory” (/sarc) days of the caliphate and the Ottoman Empire. Let us take a moment and revisit the work of the Islamic empire. And we are not allowed to say genocide because………….you cannot defame Islam.

This is a letter written by my friend in Israel. His brother in law found this old picture in his album. It was taken by his uncle who was deported to Alexandria, Egypt. It shows Turkish soldiers proud on the Armenian men they slaughtere

Bat Ye’or here: …..”dhimmitude is the civilization that was developed by the non-Muslim populations where conquered by jihad. Because jihad is not just any war, jihad has an ideology, and it has its ruling, its jurisdiction. And this jurisdiction imposes on those populations a total subjection to the Islamic rulers, and also imposes some rules to which the non-Muslims must abide and must apply. And among those rules it is the fact, the prohibition to criticize Islam. So if you cannot criticize only one religion, this is absolutely contrary to our principles in the West, because everything can be criticized.

And especially that Islam is together a religion, a law and the politics. So if you cannot criticize the politics of Islam, and Islam wants to Islamize you, so this means that you are neutralized. You cannot defend yourself.


So, because the Islamic view of history, the Islamic interpretation of history is only according to Sharia — and this means that Islamic history is perfect. And there was nothing wrong—jihad has nothing wrong. This is why we cannot criticize jihad. Because everything is perfect. So we have a conflict, an argument, even on words. What is jihad. What is terrorism. We cannot even criticize jihad, for instance. We also cannot criticize Islamic justice. We have to say, we have to know that Islamic justice is the justice according to Sharia. But we cannot abide by this interpretation of justice, because it means–Sharia promotes the cutting of the hands, also crucifixion in case of apostasy, and many other aspects. And so this is not justice for us. We have another definition of justice. Justice is equality of men and women, it is equality of all human beings, it is based on the Ten Commandments, it is based on The Enlightenment, it is based on a lot of other principles which are not based on Sharia. So when we speak about justice, even this word has different meaning. When we speak of peace, it has different meaning. Peace in Islam is peace according to Sharia.  Peace for us is contrary to what this means in the Sharia.

UPDATE: OT related:

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A Catholic bishop who was a leading figure in Christian communities in the Middle East was stabbed to death at his home in southern Turkey Thursday, and police arrested his driver in connection with the attack.

The motive for the killing of Luigi Padovese, apostolic vicar for Anatolia, in the town of Iskenderun was not known (of course not). Previous attacks on Christians have raised concerns about the safety of religious minorities in Muslim Turkey.

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  1. I have two very close clergymen friends, living in Australia now but who have lived in Turkey for many years. They tell me that it is becoming more common in Turkey to kill or bash religious people there now (not Muslim though). I have told you before that I lived in Turkey for 2 years and Turkey was a modern republic and except for the call to prayer and the big day for Islam on Fridays nobody took a lot of notice. Turks drank, partied, danced, enjoyed their music and women were almost liberated except in the case of older women who, married to ugly old men who beat them sometimes.
    My friends were mostly University Educated and not always in Turkey either. They were modern free thinking women and in charge of of their own sexuality. Premarital sex was normal . No Burqu and rarely the hijab.
    Surprise surprise what a difference in a few years under the current government in Turkey can bring. It is not too long ago when Turkey had a female president – and not wearing that ridiculous garb seen today in most of our shopping centers here in Australia.
    If Turkey is going to see a change – it will more than likely come from their women – they have the most to lose. Good luck my beautiful and courageous girlfriends in Turkey.

  2. Its funny that they condemn Israel for the Gaza Blockade (when Israel pulled out, allowed democracy & Hamas sprung in immediately to kill them) but does not give a hoot about their own invasion on Cypruss.

    The world stands still when muslims commit these acts but jumps the gun when Israel defends itself.

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