Sudden Jihad Syndrome & Other Islamic Cultural Enrichment

Abdul Hakim Muhammad, the man who killed one soldier and wounded another at a Army recruiting center in Little Rock last year, attempted to firebomb the rabbi of a synagogue in Nashville before he paid his murderous visit to Little Rock. This news has been publicly revealed for the first time, based on revelations in a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Muhammad.

Meanwhile, France tries to deal with what in some suburbs seems almost an ethnic or religious war, brought on by lax immigration policies:

President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday he wanted to strip French nationality from anyone of foreign origin who threatened the life of a police officer, in a crackdown after riots shook two French towns this month.

Flagging an invasion/ Andrew Bolt

What About the Right Not to Wear a Burqa?

University lecturer barred from class after refusing to wear a burqa

We always hear in the West that women who choose to don the veil are doing so of their own free will, and are perfectly free not to wear it. Yet the leader of the students’ union at Aliah University is willing to put this kind of pressure on Sirin Middya, and he is by no means alone in this. “Woman not allowed to teach after burqa refusal,” from Sify News, July 30 (thanks to JW)

English council bans staff from wearing mini-skirts

A COUNCIL has warned female employees they could be sent home if their skirts are too short.

Not that this has anything to do with Islam or Muslims imposing sharia. But what if it does?

A memo sent by bosses at Southampton City Council, in southern England, has instructed the council’s 400 staff to dress appropriately for work, The Daily Mail reports.

Social workers, youth workers and other employees in the council’s children’s services department were told to “carefully consider their work attire”.

Women were advised to wear trousers or skirts of “reasonable length” – “not mini-skirts”.

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Exclusive: Got Milk, Sheikh?

Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Dr. Joan Jutta Lachkar

Family Security Matters

While the Saudis might have a lot of oil, they seem to be running short on milk. So much so that one of their imams wrote a fatwa* recently permitting the breast feeding of adult males thereby getting around the gender apartheid of the Kingdom of the Deprived. This would allow the nursing adult male to become mahram** and the nursing woman can then be in close quarters with him. To clarify his status changes from say a frequent visitor to more like a quasi member of the family, even called a “milk” brother, sort of like a blood brother.

This is not the first time a breast feeding fatwa has been issued. Several years ago in Egypt one was issued so that men could be nursed at the office by female workers, as if those poor women didn’t have anything else to do? Imagine having to also contend with the henna dyed bristly beards of the devout, scratching the tender breasts of a postpartum ummi (mother). Is there no shame?

Seriously, something is going on here. How can we understand it? Let us go a little deeper. After all even Al Qaeda has produced breast implant bombs for female suicide bombers. Why this obsession with the breast? Is Hooters moving to Saudi Arabia soon? Why this obsession with nursing?

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Fanatical Frenzy Watch

Angry Afghan Mob torches US embassy vehicles after deadly crash in Kabul

People gathered around the crash site to see what happened, got angry and started attacking the foreigners.”

Rioters in the Afghan capital have set fire to two US embassy vehicles shouting “death to America” after one of the SUVs collided with a civilian car killing a number of passengers, officials and witnesses have said.  (RAWA News)

Pakistan: 5 Christians shot to death coming out of church following threats from “banned” jihadist groups

Of course, given Pakistan’s ongoing double game, there is always the question of whether the groups are banned as in “banned,” or banned as in “just lay low for a bit or consider changing your name.”

“Suspected Islamists Shoot Five Christians to Death in Pakistan,” from Compass Direct News

"Conquest of Washington" Forum

AN Islamist website based in Australia is co-hosting an international forum this weekend.

H/T Mullah

‘Defensive’ Jihad, no doubt. All peaceful inner struggle:

The forum will “examine the current war against Islam and Muslims, and ask for how much longer can the kuffar (non-believers) fight against the deen (religion) of Islam, and the necessary steps needed for victory”. A starting time of midnight tonight in Sydney is advertised.

The keynote speech, titled Conquest of Washington, will be delivered by militant sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad. The Australian has more>>>

Indonesia Watch

Modern, moderate Indonesia: Mob of enraged Muslims attack mosque of heretical Muslim sect

The Ahmadis are considered heretics, and thus are fair game for this kind of persecution by mainstream Muslims. “Hundreds attack mosque,” from AFP, July 29 (thanks to JW):

Victims of Radical Islam: Christians now considered most persecuted religious group in the world: can be said that where Islam gains importance, freedoms for members of other faiths shrink.

Indonesia: Missionaries expelled for baptisms, converts from Islam sent to re-education camp

In the West, Islamic spokesmen always insist that Islam supports the freedom of conscience, and the freedom to change one’s religion. These people must be reading that notorious Misunderstood Qur’an. Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: “Missionary trio leave Aceh after anger at baptisms,” by Toni O’Loughlin in the Sydney Morning Herald, July 24 (JW link)

This is good:

Indonesian Gov’t Invents All New Islam, New Koran:

Indonesian government releases new translation of the Qur’an, designed to reduce “potential to breed radicalism”

The Qur’an has been around for 1,400 years, and so has jihad violence, but now the Indonesian government has discovered the key: it’s all because of a faulty translation, doncha know! And now I am very happy to announce that I too have come into the possession of the Secret Decoder Ring hitherto solely in the possession of Muslim moderates, and have used it to produce a brand new Qur’an of my own, now with 70% less “potential to breed radicalism”!

Here are some sample verses of my marvelous new Qur’an (Reduced Radicalism Edition):

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Mosques need protection? From what?

New York City mosques to get extra protection during Ramadan

Pic thanks to ZIP

This Bloomberg News article says matter-of-factly that there has been “a rise this year in the number of hate crimes against Muslims,” and that’s why these extra police patrols are needed at New York City mosques during Ramadan.

Hate crime, hate crime:

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Well Paid Killer-Shrink Hasan Nidal Keeps Getting Paid

Banks won’t take Fort Hood jihadist’s paychecks

Nidal Malik Hasan

One would think that murdering thirteen Americans in the name of Islamic jihad would at least get you suspended without pay, but no such luck. “Banks won’t take Fort Hood shooting suspect’s paychecks, by Jeremy Schwartz for the American-Statesman, July 29 (thanks to JW):

As he sits in the Bell County Jail, accused of the Nov. 5 Fort Hood shooting that left 13 dead, Maj. Nidal Hasan continues to receive his monthly U.S. Army paycheck, which based on his rank and experience is probably more than $6,000.That’s standard procedure for soldiers who are confined before military trial, according to Army officials.

But Hasan, charged with a shooting spree that shocked the country, is not a standard defendant. And he’s having a hard time finding a bank to take his money.

According to his civilian attorney John Galligan , Bank of America notified Hasan last month that it was closing his account and no area bank so far has agreed to open an account for the Army psychiatrist. Military regulations require soldiers to be paid through direct deposit, making a bank account indispensable.

“I think it’s just another example of the prejudice that he’s been exposed to,” Galligan said. “It’s money that he’s entitled to, that he has a right to.”…

A right to? For reporting his patients for war crimes? For murdering Americans? For jihad?

Europe's response to hardline Islam is like a man burning down his house to get rid of an unwanted visitor

By Ed West/Telegraph UK (thanks to Mullah)

Multicultural Befuddlement & Diversity Watch

I remember an episode of Jerry Springer about a man who, sick of the unwanted sexual attentions of another man, took the rather drastic step of cutting off his own penis. And I often think of that example when reading about the British state’s latest response to the problems of multiculturalism and Islamic integration. The “solution”, you see, always involves diluting or curtailing our own culture, religions and freedoms.

Perhaps self-castration is too crude an analogy, although considering the fertility rates of atheist countries, an apt one; a better one might be that Europe’s response to hardline Islam is rather like a man setting fire to his own house to get rid of an unwanted visitor.

I thought this once again while reading Christina Patterson in the Independent, who argued against religious schools on these grounds:

A properly civilised society would accept that while lovely little C of E schools were once an excellent place for children to learn about the religion that shaped their culture, art and laws, you can’t have them without having the madrassa run by the mad mullah next door, and therefore, sadly, you can’t have either, but have, instead, a system of compulsory state secular education, in which children learn to get on with people from all religious backgrounds and none, and are taught about all religions, but also that the culture of the country they’re living in was, for 2,000 years, largely based on one.

And so another bit of English freedom dies.

This is perhaps the first time I’ve read this argument openly and honestly suggested by someone from the Left-liberal, who says, in effect: yes, church schools are a good thing, but diversity means we must have state-enforced uniformity, and greater state control. Sorry about no one mentioning that when mass immigration was first discussed years ago.


Was this the plan all along, or is just sheer coincidence that the same people who get to enjoy the culinary delights of multiculturalism (but safely too wealthy to suffer the downsides) now get to run the huge state apparatus required to police diversity?

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Obama Creates Jobs (for Pop Tarts…)

Joy Behar Asks Obama Who is Out there to Counter Fox News for Him; Obama – “That’s Your Job” – Video

Weasel Zippers

Obama on “The View” was asked by Joy Behar who was out there to counter “Right Wing” attacks by Fox News on his agenda. Behar attacked the “Right Wing” and Fox News as attacking Obama’s policies and “accomplishments,” and asked him who was out there to defend him. Obama responded, “That’s your job.”

He then had the audacity to contend it is wrong to always being “campaigning,” as if every move he makes is not supremely calculated from a political standpoint.

“Obama creates a million jobs”

But desperately want’s to see Rush Limbaugh out of his:

White House’s Gibbs Blasts Rush Limbaugh to Defend Federal Automaker Takeover, sez “Limbaugh doesn’t drive an F-150” Elizabeth Williamson from The Wall Street Journal points out that the F-150 truck is made by Ford, a company that didn’t get federal bailout funds  Newsbusters

USCIS Draft Memo Leaked Discussing Ways to ByPass Congress on Amnesty

According to an Article in  National Review ,an internal draft memo has been leaked from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) discussing ways to do an end run around Congress on Amnesty. Gateway has more  Amnesty>>>

Obama proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity

Shem’s cartoons

The left loved to claim Bush was taking away our civil liberties? Obama is doing it; what are they doing about it?

The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individual’s Internet activity without a court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or intelligence investigation.  More>>