Dutch Queen Rejects Election Results

Dutch Queen Beatrix does not like Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, the winner of the recent elections in the Netherlands; she is attempting to prevent the formation of a right-wing coalition that includes him.

The maneuvers to exclude Mr. Wilders have angered ordinary Dutchmen. Asked to comment on television, many voters could be heard complaining, “What is the use of going to vote when we are not listened to anyway?”

Good question.

“The elite of the Left and the regents absolutely want to avoid the risk of a cabinet with Wilders,” writes Prof. Ellian. “Wilders has been preliminarily excluded without the elite even considering negotiations with him.” Ellian further points out that this is not just an injustice to Mr. Wilders, but also to his 1.5 million voters “who have been excluded from an important political process without as much as one relevant argument.”

Mad Hatter

Dutch Establishment Rejects Election Results (Hudson New York via TROP)

June’s general elections in the Netherlands resulted in a clear victory for the right. The Dutch Constitution, however, grants the Queen the power to appoint a person (or persons) of her choice to initiate and direct negotiations for the formation of a government coalition. By appointing the Labor politician Herman Tjeenk Willink to the position of formation facilitator, the Queen has made it clear that she wants a coalition that includes the Labor Party and excludes the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders.

An opinion poll taken last week shows that the Christian-Democrats would fall to the historic low level of 17 seats, while Mr. Wilders’ PVV would become the largest party in the country with 30 seats, ahead of the Liberals (28 seats) and Labor (27 seats).

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5 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Rejects Election Results”

  1. Thank God For the internet and international press.

    I am Dutch and deeply offended by what is happening now in my country. Sanctioned by the left and by the unholy and unannointed Queen we are in the process of becoming an islamic country.

    Opposition is gagged, the natonal TV stations spout leftist propaganda, the news is censured and in almost all weekly and daily papers there are journalists on staff that are paid by the government WITH TAXPAYERS money.

    Our former Minister of Justice has stated a few years ago that he had NO objection for islamic law in Holland if the people wanted it.

  2. LS…

    This whole charade will make Geert Wilders grow bigger and bigger. The arrogance of the left wing (communists) will eventually disappear in the drain where they belong…

  3. Now officially democracy went down the drain, it is time to send the unelected home. They rule the country on behalf of “powers that be”, nothing more than a protectorate and not a democracy.
    Time to go back to the Republic!

  4. I suspect the Queen is acting on very bad advice given to her from the socialists.
    You want to solve many of the problems in the west – put the socialists up against a wall….

  5. It “be-Wilders” me (pardon the pun) that the powers that be want to drown out the voters’ voice in a country beset by Islamic attacks. Voters and others who believe in a representative republic in Holland need to scream at the top of their lungs that they want true representation and Wilders provides that. This is political correctness grossly run amok.

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