Former British Spy Chief Clueless: 'Iraq War Turned British Muslims Against Britain'

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Proudly ignorant and incompetent.  Oblivious to the immutable Koran and the  worldwide  jihad. Clueless about Islamic doctrine, separation of the world in believer and unbeliever, in ‘haram & halal’, and all the rest. The problem is, you see, that “young Moslems have become radicalized”  because we toppled Saddam Hussein….  or something….

No wonder the UK is going down the gurgler. If that’s what they call intelligence in once great Britain the country will be Islamic in 10 years instead of 20.


Iraq war turned British Muslims against their country: former spy chief

It’s not exactly the invasion of Iraq that raised Britain’s terrorism threat, but the invasion of Britain, surely:

THE invasion of Iraq “substantially” increased the terror threat to Britain and turned British Muslims against their own country, says the former head of the MI5 spy agency.

Hmm. Define “their own country”.

The Australian

Asked whether the Iraq war increased the overall terrorist threat in Britain, Lady Manningham-Buller replied: “Substantially.”

Her testimony sits uncomfortably alongside the claims of successive British governments that the deployment of British forces to Iraq and Afghanistan was necessary to prevent al-Qa’ida-linked terrorist attacks in Britain.

Perhaps Manningham-Buller should be reading WoJ to get a  better understanding of what we’re up against:

So Britain would have been safer if it had not been invaded first (Andrew Bolt)

The former intelligence chief said that despite a doubling of its budget in 2003, the agency was, after 2004 “overburdened” countering plans for terror attacks on British soil. In 2005, MI5 wished to do “five times” what it was able to manage with its resources.

She said British involvement in Iraq “radicalised” some British citizens, “not a whole generation, a few among a generation — who saw our involvement in Iraq on top of our involvement in Afghanistan as an attack on Islam”.

Asked what specific proof there was of a direct correlation between the Iraq invasion and the growth in Muslim terror plots in Britain she said: “I think we can produce evidence because of the numerical evidence of the number of plots, the number of leads, the number of people identified and the correlation of that to Iraq and the statements of people as to why they were involved.

“What Iraq did was to produce a fresh impetus of people prepared to engage in terrorism.”

THE invasion of Iraq “substantially” increased the terror threat to Britain and turned British Muslims against their own country, says the former head of the MI5 spy agency.

She said that on the evidence of video “martyrs’ wills” by would-be British terrorists, the invasion gave credibility to a “single narrative” propagated by al-Qa’ida that “everything the West was doing was part of a fundamental hostility to the Muslim world and so Islam. Arguably we gave Osama bin Laden his Iraqi jihad so that he was able to move into Iraq in a way he wasn’t able to before.”

About 70-80 young British Muslims had directly participated, going to Iraq, she said, “not to fight for Her Majesty’s Forces but against them”.

Asked about the intelligence picture ahead of the invasion, Lady Manningham-Buller said MI5 did not believe there was a terrorist threat to Britain from Iraq or a threat of Saddam Hussein supplying weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups.

MI5 considered there was no “credible evidence” to link Saddam’s regime to the attacks on 9/11, she said. “It was not a judgment that found favour with some parts of the American machine, which is why Donald Rumsfeld started an intelligence unit in the Pentagon to seek an alternative judgment.”

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  1. Mick Keelty feels vindicated:

    [FORMER Australian Federal Police chief Mick Keelty’s judgment that the Iraq war had increased the terrorist threat has been vindicated. ]

    [“It’s probably the strongest indication yet that the position I took not only at the time, but subsequent to that, to ensure that the Islamic community was properly engaged and not marginalised in Australia, was an important decision,” Mr Keelty said.

    He started by introducing Islamic awareness training in the AFP and put Islamic liaison teams in each state and territory.]

    Sensitive policing at work…

  2. I feel sorry for Brits like the EDL who have educated themselves & stand up & protest against this invasion.

    Everyone else seems to be either an elite who benefits from islam or a stupid, lazy, cowardly useful idiot who deserves what they get.

  3. Oh I like this, since when did ‘Muslims’ need an excuse for bad behaviour?

    Disagree mate we need more fertilizer 😉

  4. Islamists will always cry victim. After the 1st gulf war, they blamed the Americans for not going in to free them, then after the second gulf war they blamed the Americans for coming in to free them.

    All in all the great great majority of deaths only decreased when more American soldiers came in, signifying that the great majority of killings was and is being done by the islamists themselves.

  5. The higher position one rises to, the more power they get, the more money they earn, the more stupid they get.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the quality of drugs they can purchase with their new-found wealth.
    This is such an idiotic statement.

    Of course, it has nothing to do with Muslim immigration and the fact that Muslims, on jihad immigration, living in “dar al-Harb” (land of the enemy), despise the country they are living in until it has been won over and declared an al-Sharia Law country, “dar al-Islam” (land of submission). That is the only time there will be peace. When we are all Islamic subjects.
    I am surprised that a person in the intelligense community would come out with such an outlandish statement that will profoundly affect the future of engagements against thse animals.

  6. “Iraq War Turned British Muslims Against Britain”

    So that’s why the Ottoman Turks and their Barbary mujahid vassals occupied the Island of Lundy off the Cornish coast from around 1645 to around 1665, using it as a strategic base to raid and terrorise the English and Welsh coast, taking slaves back to the North African (Maghrebian) coast…

    Makes perfect sense now! /sarcasm tag off

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