Surfers Paradise or Camel Avenue?

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An update on Does Australia’s Gold Coast Need an Imam?

The nutroots are falling over themselves to “make the Muslims feel comfortable”. Halal here, Koran there, prayer rooms &  mosques everywhere.  Cultural enrichment. All needed to make the beards & the burqa’s feel at home.  Concerned  people are wondering why other tourists feel alienated and stay away…. couldn’t have anything to do with the burqa invasion, right?

Does Pauline Hanson have a chance to become mayor?

5 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise or Camel Avenue?”

  1. Oh good! I give it ten years before the Gold Coast’s famed Meter Maids are sauntering down the avenue in burqas.

  2. I think Muslims deserve a taste of western fun.
    Perhaps it will help convert many of them.

    On the other hand, if rapes start to increase on the “Gold Coast” then you’d suspect it is turning into the “Cold Coast” and something would have to be done about it before Islam gets a foothold.

    It’s when the Muslims start making demands to supply their needs that the “Right” foot has to be put down.
    I wish the Gold Coast mayor luck with this. Islam is not an ideology that assimilates rather, it forces the population to convert to their ways.

  3. You cannot trust Queenslanders. I lived there at the Gold Coast for 4 years. Full of plastic money and plastic people. The least productive years of my life. They hate Mexicans from New South Wales and even worse those from Victoria. If you ask a Queenslander where they come from they will say “Gods Country” or “I am True Blue”. Then I would reply “Well I am an Australian” and they would look at me as if I was the idiot. This is why they call Queensland the Deep North.

    After leaving a top personal assistant job in one of our large hospitals in Sydney, the best I could do in Queensland was a data clerk in a Pathology Lab. They waste all talent from elsewhere and give jobs only to their own or pay Kiwi’s six dollars an hour. The only thing they are good at is Rugby League. But so what? It is a gladiatorial sport at best. Even the ABC gives biased opinions about the NSW team. Just plain nasty. They call us the most unsavory names. We don’t do that in the south.

    When I lived there they could not sell Queensland off quickly enough to the Japanese. Japs everywhere on Caval Avenue. Now they prostitute themselves to the Muslim dollar. Queenslanders make me sick. They will get into bed with anyone as long as the price is right. Ugh!!

  4. Not unlike their Muslim masters do to all of us.
    Who will be next Queensland – Perhaps North Korea!!!!!

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