Norwegian JournOlist Discovers the Humanity of the Taliban

Finding humanity in all the old familiar places:

“Grant us freedom to kill homosexuals and Jews, stone adulterous women, rape 9 year old females and terrorize the unbelievers, amen”

Perhaps this deluded lefty believes that the Islamic ideology has a special place for useful idiots like him….

Useful Idiot Watch: Dateline, on air Sunday, 22nd August 2010

Norwegian journalist Paul Refsdal risked his life to become the first Westerner to film behind Taliban lines inAfghanistan, and see the fight between the allied forces and the insurgency from the Taliban’s viewpoint.

Now Dateline brings you his remarkable story, as Paul witnesses several ambushes of US troops on the Khyber Pass, and films celebrations over the death of a US soldier.

But he also captures a human side of the Taliban, as insurgents relax, pray, eat together, and look after the children of Taliban commander, Dawran.

Paul comes under threat himself too, as a US gunship attacks and he’s kidnapped by one of the Taliban group which took him in.

WATCH – For a glimpse of the Afghan War you won’t see anywhere else, watch Dateline this Sunday at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

LIVE CHAT – Put your questions to Paul Refsdal about his remarkable experience in our live online chat after the program.

BLOG – Executive Producer Peter Charley writes about getting such a rare insight into life with the Taliban.

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Afghanistan: Clerics twist Karzai’s arm for return to “strict Islamic law”

Sharia, that is. And a disastrous precedent exists in the language of the U.S.-backed, post-Taliban constitution:

“No law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam” (Chapter 1, Article 3).

“Afghan clerics seek return to strict Islamic law,” by Syed Salahuddin for Reuters, (and we send our kids to kill and die for that s#*t!) “strict Islamic law- read more from JW”

Afghanistan: Taliban stone “adulterous” couple in marketplace

There are several hundred clerics dealing with Karzai who would find this quite alright. “Taliban ‘kill adulterous Afghan couple’ in marketplace,” from BBC News

Young couple killed by stoning in Afghanistan; Karzai objects to execution without trial — anything else?

Choosing his words very carefully, and revealingly so. It’s not just the story reproduced below, but other sources from Reuters to RTTNews, that show he condemns the fact that there was no trial, but stops short of condemning the idea of Sharia punishments (lashes or stoning) for “adultery,” and of condemning the cruel, unusual, and barbaric punishment that stoning is. There are, after all, influential clerics to please.

Iran: Final verdict on woman sentenced to stoning postponed; execution put off until after Ramadan

Oh, the humanity!

The delayed execution will likely be taken as a gesture of compassion in some circles, but the Iranian authorities are still toying with the defendant, who doesn’t know if her end will come the day after Ramadan ends, or at any arbitrary point after that, and at this point, whether she will be shot, stoned to death, or hung. And they are are playing a waiting game with the international community as well, biding their time to see the collective attention span wanes long enough to carry out the sentence.

Ultimately, they are attempting a balancing act between the imperative to carry out Sharia for the sake of the regime’s credibility as an Islamic government, and managing the global public relations quandary that cruel and unusual punishment necessarily entails.

More on this story. “Final verdict postponed for Iranian woman facing stoning,” fromCNN,