Arab Israeli Serial Killer Was NOT a Jew…. Moonbat Media Goes Apes#*t…

Carl in J’lem

I breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday night when I found out that the ‘Israeli’ arrested on suspicion of being a serial killer as he was about to board a Delta Airlines flight to Israel in Atlanta was an ‘Israeli Arab.’ Perhaps I breathed that sigh of relief too soon.

Someone emailed me to tell me about a major online media outlet that had run the story earlier and then taken it down when it turned out that Elias Abuelazam was not a Jew. I googled the story and found out that the story was still up at that site. And at some point later, I went to sleep.

Over at CAMERA, they did a bit more checking, and discovered that there were many more mainstream media outlets that didn’t bother to tell their readers or otherwise hid the fact that Elias Abuelazam is an ‘Israeli Arab’ from Ramle (within the green line) and not a Jew. Among those outlets – unsurprisingly – were the BBC, MSNBC and NPR. At HuffPo, Abuelazam’s arrest became another occasion to bash Jews and Israel in the comments.

Read the whole thing.

One thought on “Arab Israeli Serial Killer Was NOT a Jew…. Moonbat Media Goes Apes#*t…”

  1. What difference does it make?
    I wrote this to friends immediately after I heard the news report (which did not specify the identity of the “Israeli murderer”)
    Why was it important for the media to note that this murderer was an Israeli Arab (as opposed to just “Israeli”)? Because otherwise, ignorant people would ASSUME he was a JEW (as they did), and it could become an excuse for antisemitic retaliation!
    Think about it… The accusation is that his killings were racially motivated (though 2 of his victims were NOT black, so I don’t know what that means), so it would only be one short leap of logic to blame Israelis (read: “Jews”) for this act of “racism” – and we could have antisemitic race riots happening in the USA! Think that’s far-fetched? I don’t.
    There is so much anti-Israel AND antisemitic sentiment around these days, particularly in the African-American community, all it would take is one rumour of an Israeli (Jew, that is) mass-murdering blacks, and we’d be seeing synagogues attacked – likely by black Muslims, though with African-American “Christian pastors” like Jeremiah Wright, unfortunately, “Christians” could be even be involved now!

    Of course, since the murderer was an Arab, and not a Jew, there will be no blame or rioting against Arab institutions or individuals in America (or worldwide) as a result of the incident … and I’m not saying that there should be! Just pointing out that if the facts were just a bit different, the results would likely have been MUCH different! The old double standard again… That’s why Jews ‘breathed a sigh of relief’ to find out he wasn’t Jewish. I’m not Jewish, but I ‘get it’! Wake up!

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