Fritz Özdemir

Call him Fritz and the boy will be a genius!

Now we know, finally, why Muhammad, Murat and Ahmed can’t get ahead in German schools: not because of their lousy performance; its because of their first names! This was discovered by   Oldenburg’s Erziehungswissenschaftlerin  (education scientist!) Astrid Kaiser….. More from PI, (in German) Migrantenkinder wegen des Namens benachteiligt

Women cannot be judges:

They’re just working from Islamic texts: If the Qur’an — Allah’s own words, if you believe Muhammad — says a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man (Qur’an 2:282), the idea of a woman as arbiter of the testimony of x number of men, and of women (multiply x by 0.5), and the thought of how many women judges it would take to be equivalent to a man (every case would require solving for an unknown constant ndepending on the number of witnesses) is a story problem beyond what they probably what they teach at Dar ul-Uloom’s madrassahs.

“Now a Darul Uloom fatwa against women judges,” from the Press Trust of India, via JW

Kosovo: Monasteries at risk as NATO withdraws protection

Without the consent of the local Orthodox Church, whose fate now lies in the hands of local police. What could possibly go wrong under the new “protection” (read: “dhimmitude”) arrangement? The article gives some indication to what has happened already, but chalks it up to strictly ethnic rivalries. And nothing else.

“Kosovo: Serb monasteries ‘at risk’ as NATO exits,” from AdnKronos International, August 6 (thanks to JW)

Litigation Jihad: ACLU helping jihad terror imam al-Awlaki’s father sue CIA

No Islamic terrorist left behind: the ACLU means business.

Pakistan: Coffin of Hindu youth killed in air crash labeled as “Infidel”

Islamic supremacism applies even to the dead. “Pak Hindu youth’s coffin labelled as ‘kaafir,'” from PTI

Muslim Gangs Prey on Young Middle-Class Girls (UK)…

This week a girl who was abducted at the age of 14 and forced to work as a sex slave gave evidence in court that helped convict the nine men who sexually abused her. In this article, Sue Reid reveals how charities are helping those victims of this terrible abuse and importantly, why they are pushing the state to not hold back in their quest to find and convict the grotesque individuals. Daily Mail via RoP

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  1. The BBC is doing a huge propaganda effort to get people to donate to the Pakistani flood victims. Desperate as their plight is, it is nothing compared to that of Christians in Pakistan. Moreover, any aid that reaches Pakistan will be disseminated to Muslims only. Any Christians who have the temerity to approach, will be beaten and driven off. Muslims regard the Jizya they have extracted from the Christian dhimmi West, as their rightful property, and not be given to Kuffars.

    Pakistan: As flood crisis worsens, church leaders warn of danger of Christians missing out on aid

    Christians comprise around 2.5-3 per cent (4-5 million people) of the population in Pakistan. They face widespread discrimination, are despised by their Muslim neighbours, and the majority of Christians live in extreme poverty. Islamisation is gathering strength in Pakistan and sharia law has been partially implemented. Last year saw an unprecedented number of violent incidents against Christian communities. In such a context, Christians are likely to be neglected when general aid is distributed.

    If you donate please do via genuine charity such as the Barnabus Fund.

  2. “The BBC is doing a huge propaganda effort to get people to donate to the Pakistani flood victims.”

    Personally when I saw this my reaction is FUCK THEM, not 1 solitary BASTARD CENT to be sent to them. Dirty ungrateful bastards will throw it back in our face, like they do all the time. Over and over again, if they think the West is so decadent and bad well SCREW THEM.

    Enough fucking Jizya.

  3. * Call him Fritz and the boy will be a genius!

    Call him Albert (as in Einstein) and Muhammad, Murat and Ahmed will behead him, while whining about “hurt feelings” and “islamophobia”.

  4. * Women cannot be judges:

    I am guessing that the judge in the WA burka witness case is aware of the possible consequences for herself of accepting any “sharia” ruling on the burka.

  5. Understandable, Ironside …

    * Australia ups Pakistan flood aid to $10m

    * AFP: Canada gives $2m in aid to flood-hit Pakistan

    * UK promises £5m Pakistan flood aid – London News

    ** Christians in Pakistan missing out on flood aid, bishop warns

    INTERVIEW – Aid chief: Pakistan flood aid shows U.S. commitment

    [Washington has sent rescue helicopters, delivered medicines and more than half a million halal meals and water as Pakistan’s fragile government struggles with the worst floods in 80 years, which have killed more than 1,600 people.]

    500,000 halal meals – dhimmitude is big business.

  6. “Women cannot be judges:”

    You see, women are starting to realize their independence and we can see a small but growing “kind of sufferjet movement” amongst Muslim women who can see how women in the west live and how extremely oppressed women in Islamic countries live.
    I have a great idea for Muslim women who want to be judges. Help get rid of sharia law and replace it with a Constitution similar to that of the United States and you’ll be fine.

  7. Let us all thank Clinton for helping moslems kill Christians. Everyone just gave, and still gives, Clintoon a pass on that.

  8. “** Christians in Pakistan missing out on flood aid, bishop warns”

    Now i think i’ll just go and cry myself to sleep 🙁 . Damn this madness has to stop.

  9. Do NOT give a cent to the Paki Aid requests. The money will NOT go to its intended targets. Unfortunately the church is not involved: I know that in Tsunami rescue operations in Sri Lanka and S.E. Asia the vast majority of the aid which was sent to the church reached its intended recipients despite a lot of problems – the same could not be said for the official government bodies. One could sent money to red crescent, but this is islamic and cannot be trusted. It is nice to see the rush of muslim countries helping out (sarcasm here) – paki land is muslim – our aid should be given to non-muslims since muslims suffer from an inability to help non-muslims.

  10. Ironside: I apologise for my rant and especially language. Kind of got a bit emmotional.

    No probs. Anyone who does not get angry at what Muslims have done and continue to do to who they consider Kuffars, would not be a normal person.

  11. Unfortunately I can’t stop my government from donating to people who will turn around and knife us in the back, but I can choose to not donate to ANY muslim charity.

    I made an ample donation to the tsunami relief fund and now find out that the whole area has come under muslim control & possibly sharia and no one that I’ve heard of has accounted for the money which by the way didn’t fulfill it’s intended purpose.

    It was my last donation to anything remotely smelling of islam.

  12. kaw, you are right,when the tsunami hit Indonesia,I looked up on the ‘net the countries that gave aid to that islamic country,NOT ONE islamic country was on the list,Australia,for instance,gave one billion dollars,when are we going to learn. I’m trying to be civil,and not say what I really think of these selfish unfeeling mongrels.

  13. Muslims do not take care of muslims,
    in fact muslims have most to fear from… other muslims,
    that is the grim reality.
    They keep taunting Yhwh and expect the westeners to help them out
    when disaster strikes, in order to keep on insulting the west.
    Will they ever learn? asking for more natural disaster?
    “The earth will spit you out” says YHWH El Shaddai.

  14. Jim,
    People I know and trust were closely involved in the relief operations – they recommended to donate through the churches – the money reached intended groups. They advised strongly against donating to the governments. They did not speak about muslim aid because there was little to talk about. Amusing when Haiti was devastated the only help these muslim scum gave was sending over religious conversion teams – rather useless and done simply to initiate the seeds of conflict in the coming generation. I think that SM is right in what he/she has written. I find it amusing that the muslim twat SC spends its time spitting on Christians and the west, when in fact it was the Christian church and the West did basically did most of the work to help people in Tsunami affected Indonesisa. The umma on the other hand, used the disaster to strengthen their own hand at cost to their people.

  15. Kaw,
    Sa’an masjiach is a male monniker.
    You are correct about christians churches helping out in disaster areas.
    funny that muslims always forget that it is thanks to the west that all
    religions survived and still exist, if the Soviet-Union, China or any
    totalitarian country would have had the power the USA had during the
    years 1945-1960 the world would have been a very different place now.

  16. Kaw,

    Sa’an masjiach is a male monniker.
    You are correct about christian churches helping out in disaster areas.
    most people forget that it is thanks to the west that all religions survived and still exist now, because if the Soviet-Union, China or
    any other totalitarian country would have had the power of the USA
    in the years 1945-1960 than the world would be a very different place today.

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