Has anyone ever thought about investigating Pelosi for spending hundreds of thousands on travel & alcohol?

Investigate Pelosi!

From James Richardson, February 3rd

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has squandered over $101,000 tax dollars on “in-flight services” on congressional delegations since 2008, according to new documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Expenditures on Pelosi-led CODELs, the group’s report shows, include thousands for liquor, beer and wine. Receipts show purchase of Johnny Walker, Grey Goose, Beefeater, Maker’s Mark, Courvoisier, Dewars, Bombay Sapphire and more, all courtesy of the American tax payer.

During the same two-year period, the entirety of Speaker Pelosi’s travel expenditures, including the use of Air Force aircraft for herself and relatives, cost the Department of Defense $2,100,749.59. (Redstate)

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2 thoughts on “Has anyone ever thought about investigating Pelosi for spending hundreds of thousands on travel & alcohol?”

  1. Notice the Washington Post reporter, Michelle Boorstein appears depressed. She should be. Her papers propaganda and and efforts to conceal and redirect debate of this issue has failed. Utterly failed. Pamela, Robert Spencer, and many others offer the facts . . .backed up with doctrinal evidence, historic context, irrefutable proof that the public hungers for. This is the reason people have turned away from the media and why papers like the WP are known as the Washington Compost, deeply in the red, with rapidly shrinking circulation. Michelle, you reap what you sow. It’s time you wake up to the reality that exists and drop the utopian fantasies you and your cohorts have foisted upon the gullible.

  2. Pelosi belongs in the big house and if Republicans take control of Congress but she keeps her seat, they’ll need to expel her sorry arse. She should be investigated for perhaps everything under the sun, the bimbo that she is.

    The Howard Dean statement isn’t much stronger than Dirty Harry’s but it seems like public pressure for public officials to say something is rising and perhaps Dean felt compelled to come on board. Nonetheless, the former DNC chairman’s call of the mosque as “an affront” says more than that of the current chairman, Mr. Kaine.

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