I Love Sushi

Andrew Bolt

Sushi Das of The Age may be excused her sane opinion, being a woman, an immigrant, a Leftist and a (conflicted) critic of assimilationism:

Hear it from a feminist: the burqa is a weapon against women

The burqa, a formidable head-to-toe billowing garment to hide the contours of a woman’s body as well as her eyes, has been designed by men for the gross subjugation of women…

It is embarrassing to hear people oppose the ban on the burqa out of slavish commitment to multiculturalism. Western apologists who furnish arguments of cultural protectionism in an attempt to atone for past colonial ugliness seem unaware they have jumped into bed with the murderous regimes that enforce the cloaking of women by pain of violence …

An outright ban in Australia would probably be counterproductive partly because it would feed victimhood status. But given evidence from around the world of more Muslim women turning to traditional dress, we should discuss whether it is appropriate to have guidelines governing face covering for people such as teachers, doctors and magistrates…

We should feel free to declare, full-throated, that the burqa is an abomination.


Tim Blair says Das is creating a consensus with other Australian feminists of the Left.