India: 'Love jihad' used in Islamic takeover

Whatever it takes. The ends justify the means. Islam must dominate. Arab bribery goes hand in hand with what we know as “love jihad:”

“The Muslim man will deliberately seduce a Christian or a Hindu girl. Once they have a relationship and the man marries the girl and they have children, the man forcibly converts the woman to Islam,”

World Net Daily

Aggressive conversion efforts by Muslims in a prominent region of India are being described as a “love jihad” with a little bribery thrown in.

A new report by a New Delhi, India-based think tank says that Kerala state’s Muslim minority is getting ready for a power grab in India’s southern-most state.

And one way they’re planning on capturing control is through what International Christian Concern’s Jonathan Racho calls “love jihad.”

“The Muslim man will deliberately seduce a Christian or a Hindu girl. Once they have a relationship and the man marries the girl and they have children, the man forcibly converts the woman to Islam,” Racho explained.

“Then the children are raised as Muslim children. In this way the Muslims believe they will be the majority of the population in Kerala in another 20 years,” he said.

Racho said the Muslims also are resorting to bribery.

“They’re dumping millions of dollars in Kerala and they’re getting the money mostly from the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. They’re really bribing people to get them to convert to Islam,” Racho observed.

Racho explained that 56 percent of Kerala’s people are Hindu, about 24 percent are Muslim and only 19 percent are Christian.

New Delhi-based Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict founder Animesh Roul says Kerala Muslims can succeed because they are the state’s richest people.

“Kerala Muslims are affluent in comparison to their north Indian brothers. They have very strong Gulf and Saudi links,” Roul stated.

Roul added that a Muslim takeover in Kerala is also possible because of Saudi influence.

“The Saudi Wahhabi penetration is recent – probably in the last couple of decades due to diaspora and other commercial activities in the Gulf States,” Roul added.

Racho said the militant Muslims in Kerala are also organized politically and with a guerilla group called the Popular Front of India.

“This group is willing to use violence, especially against the Christians in southern India. On July 4, this group chopped off the hand of a Christian professor and beat up his wife and 85-year-old mother,” Racho said.

The ICC analyst says the PFI doesn’t stop there.

“They’re also running a Shariah law court that is dedicated to bringing Kerala state under Shariah [Islamic religious] law. They’re trying to make the Muslims in Kerala stop going to the government courts and force them to come to the Shariah court,” Racho explained further.

Roul’s report confirms that the PFI aggressively has dumped money on the region to influence people to convert to Islam.

In a statement to the press, Kerala Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan said his government is trying to “crack down” on the PFI.

A report for India’s Central Chronicle says Achuthanandan believes that the PFI is another identity of the older National Democratic Front, an active guerilla group that the Indian government believes has given money, weapons and training to young men who would oppose Kerala state’s government.

Racho says the Indian government’s response has been to educate the people about Islam and the PFI’s goals.

Racho adds that Kerala’s Christians also are trying to teach their people about Islam and to pray, because that’s their best option.

“The Christian doctrine doesn’t teach violence as a way to achieve your objectives, so prayer is really the only way,” Racho said.

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  1. To a certain extent that’s what happened in Kosovo. The ethnic Albanians have 15 / 20 children per household, soon became a majority after 600 odd years then say to the Government ‘we want to be an independent Islamic State’.

    As a majority they hold the power. The rest can just suck it up.

    To a certain extent that’s what the West can look forward to.

  2. It is sad but every word of the blog is true you like it or not .Ihave seen met victims of love Jihad working for my project in Msc Psychology.

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