“It’s an obligation for all Muslims to fully apply the sharia. I’m here to make sure that happens.”

Sounds as if Mochammad Achwan is some kind of Islamophobe. “Terrorist vows war on Indonesian police,” from AFP, August 27:

A convicted terrorist who took over the leadership of an Indonesian Islamist group after the arrest of patriarch Abu Bakar Bashir vowed on Friday to wage violent jihad against the police.  (Jihad Watch)

Indonesia court documents show links between jihadist networks

Islamization Watch

A German Red Cross worker was shot dead  by this group.

Militant suspects sits inside holding cell before the start of their trials at West Jakarta District Court in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010

(Reuters) – Islamic militants based in Indonesia’s Aceh province worked with a fugitive suspected of planning the Bali bombings in an effort to unite various militant networks, court documents tabled on Thursday showed. Read more »

Indonesian Terrorists: Liberals & Christians are ‘Enemies of Islam’

The group carried out attacks on targets they considered to be “enemies of Islam,” including a German Red Cross worker who was shot dead in Aceh. The house where two American teachers were living, and the Aceh office of UNICEF were also attacked.

“According to the group, NGOs or foreign aid agencies were agents of Christianization in Aceh,” one document said, adding the group planned to destroy churches in the staunchly Islamic region and stem what they saw as the spread of liberal thought.

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  1. What I did not know is happening to the people of Dove church…spread the word please.

    “In the spring this year, our mortgage was called in without warning. Although we have been their client for many years, in perfectly good standing, RBC Bank demanded that we repay $140,000 in 60 days. RBC Bank gave no reason for their demand, but they are headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. North Carolina has a strong Muslim presence including state senator Larry Shaw who is also the chairman of the terror-linked Muslim group CAIR – an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terror financing conviction in the U.S. It is part of the RBC Canada family that has entered into Islamic Sharia financing in recent years.

    Our church is certainly not Sharia compliant. Banks that offer Sharia Finance prefer only to do business with Sharia compliant clients. What does this mean for the future of America’s churches and businesses that do not please the growing Moslem population? Some examples would be selling pork or alcohol – not allowed under Sharia. We managed to fight for a year’s extension, but now dhimmi Cottons All Lines Insurance has sent notice of a cancelation of our insurance.

    Then there is the Burn Permit. When we first applied for it, there was no problem. Now the City Council has voted to deny it, even though it is our 1st Ammendment Right. Here is Dr Jones’ recent statement to the media about this decision:”

    Pastor Jones situation shows how dhimmfied we are becoming..

    The reality is that for the President it is alright to back the constitutional rights of muslims to build….and the media backs them as well…

    but when it comes to protecting the citizens of this country and protecting their constitutional rights to free speech…there is not a peep…just more persecution…

  2. Acehnese district council chairman says women unfit to lead under Islamic law

    He said of a subdistrict chief: “I’ll admit she’s deft and quite competent, but in order to avoid riots, we advise that she be replaced immediately.”

    Why would a woman in a leadership role cause riots? Why would it be such an awful concept in the first place?

    The notion of the inferiority of women is put forth in the starkest of terms in Islamic texts. Qur’an 2:282 says a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man.

    And Muhammad himself said women are “deficient in religion and intellect,” (Sahih Bukhari 1.6.301), and that the majority of the inhabitants of Hell will be women (4.54.464).

    “‘Women Unfit to Lead’ Says Acehnese District Council Chairman,” by Nurdin Hasan for the Jakarta Globe, October 7 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    Banda Aceh. In a move criticized as an insult to the dignity of women, an Aceh district speaker has called for the replacement of a female subdistrict head, arguing that women were unfit to lead under Islamic law.
    Ridwan Muhammad, the Bireuen district council chairman, said on Thursday that the move against Anisah, head of Plimbang subdistrict, was prompted by complaints from the public.
    “It’s what the people and the clerics … are calling for,” he told the Jakarta Globe.
    “According to Shariah, a woman is prohibited from becoming a leader.” Ridwan said Anisah’s appointment as subdistrict chief in April had caused a rift in the community, “with one side supporting her and the other against her.”
    The council had received petitions from both camps, he said. “Rather than allow this rift to lead to social unrest, we’ve asked the district head to replace Anisah,” he said.
    “I’ll admit she’s deft and quite competent, but in order to avoid riots, we advise that she be replaced immediately,” Ridwan said.
    He added that the Bireuen district council had already met with the district head, Nurdin Abdul Rahman, to discuss the issue.
    “Nurdin didn’t make any decision during the meeting; perhaps he needs more time to consider it,” Ridwan said.
    Nurdin could not be reached for comment. Meanwhile, Anisah said most of the criticism directed at her had come from two district councilors from the Aceh Party, which dominates the local legislature, who objected to a female subdistrict head.
    Ridwan is also from the Aceh Party. “They’ve raised the issue in their Friday prayer sermons at mosques, which is what provoked the people,” she said, declining to name the councilors.
    “Perhaps they’re unaware that a subdistrict head isn’t a leadership post, but only an extension of the district administration’s authority,” Anisah said.
    That shouldn’t matter.

    She claimed that Nurdin had encouraged her to stay.
    Evi Narti Zain, executive director of the human rights coalition HAM Aceh, said Ridwan’s move discriminated against women and was a violation of basic human rights.
    “He has also insulted the dignity of women as a whole,” she said, calling for his dismissal.
    Evi pointed out that Aceh itself had been ruled by successive female sultans in the 19th century.
    Note how exceptions to what Sharia would allow are so often portrayed as the rule. That does nothing to “reform” the law’s discriminatory and otherwise abusive provisions. Indeed, as long as Sharia is accepted as a basis for law, it waits in the wings to assert itself more fully, as is happening in Aceh now.

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