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KRudd gets the UN job he used us for

Andrew Bolt

For years I’ve warned that Kevin Rudd was using the prime ministership as a stepping stone to a top job with the United Nations, diverting cash for his personal crusade. Now he’s got there – but, having been sacked as PM, it’s not quite as grand as he intended:

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd will join a United Nations panel on global sustainability, the UN confirmed today

Tim Blair has more.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth:

Fifty-seven more votes arrive for Labor:

A boat believed to be carrying asylum seekers has been “intercepted” by the Royal Australian Navy north-east of Christmas Island.

The vessel is believed to be carrying 57 asylum seekers and two crew.

High compliance costs and interference by Labor kill tourism in Australia

Australia has out priced itself as a holiday destination.

QUEENSLAND tourism operators are facing the fight of their lives to lure holidaymakers, who are increasingly shunning domestic beach holidays in favour of cheap deals to places such as Bali, Fiji and Thailand. (News com)

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  1. * The panel will examine ways to help lift people out of poverty,

    Giving up islam might be a clue, but I can guess who will be paying to enrich the enrichers.

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