Lying Imam Shmooze

Its all about “interfaithing” and  “extremism”

“Extremism” plagues us all,   said imam Rauf in Bahrain, on a state funded kumbaya trip  to Arabia.

The imam also said he has been working on a way to “Americanize Islam.” While he did not elaborate on what an American version of Islam might look like, he did note that different interpretations of the faith have emerged over the religion’s nearly 1,400-year existence.

(Really? But isn’t the ‘real Islam’ unchanged for 14 centuries and has to be taken literally, straight up, undiluted? Are ‘interpretations’ not haram? Allah be praised  for the true believers who believe in the Islam of Muhammad, Koran, sira & hadith!)

We been hearing the same garbage for decades in Europe. In reality, Islam will never Europeanize or Americanize, because it is perfect. For the same reason that it can never be reformed, because Muhammad, profit of islam, left the Muslims a perfect religion, a beautiful way of conduct for all time and all places. Who could ask for more? NY mosque imam: Extremism common threat to West and Muslim world (Fox News)

DANIEL TROTTA from REUTERS want’s you to go back to sleep:

Americans still associate Islam with violence

Naughty! Why would they do a thing like that? Are all these efforts by the lame stream media to brainwash the sheeple into believing that Islam is a religion of peace in vain?

All these efforts for nothing?

MSNBC Masking the Mosque: Muslim ‘Scholars’ aka Stealth Jihadists, an Orwellian Freak Show (Atlas)

NEW YORK – The furor over plans to build a Muslim cultural center near the World Trade Center site shows nine years of efforts to separate Islam from association with terrorism have largely failed, experts say.

Reza Aslan taqiyya slime for infidel consumption: “there is only one way to win a cosmic war: refuse to fight it.”

“I’d take it one step further. I’d say that it’s far, far worse today than it was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11,” said Reza Aslan, a writer and scholar on religion, using the shorthand for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Perhaps Daniel Trotta should have checked our files on taqiyya artist Reza Aslan first:

Public opinion polls show more than 60 percent of Americans oppose building the proposed Muslim cultural center and mosque two blocks from the site known as “Ground Zero.” (actually its more like over 70%)

Former U.S. President George W. Bush repeatedly sought to separate Islam from the al Qaeda hijackers who carried out the attacks there and on the Pentagon, and all major American Muslim organizations have issued repeated statements condemning violence in the name of Islam. (Can’t separate ’em, even with Bush’s help. What to do, what to do…?)

But that message has been overpowered by news coverage of the seemingly endless attacks on civilians often claimed by al Qaeda, the Taliban and other Islamist extremists in the Muslim world, in addition to images of U.S. troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then there are cases closer to home.

In February, an Afghan immigrant pleaded guilty to plotting a suicide bomb attack on New York City subways after al Qaeda training.

In June a Pakistani-born American citizen pleaded guilty to attempting to set off a car bomb in Times Square, saying Islamist extremists would continue to attack the United States.


Receiving far less attention are regular statements from the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations strongly condemning any violence perpetrated in the name of Islam.

“The Fiqh Council of North America wishes to reaffirm Islam’s condemnation of terrorism and religious extremism,” the council said in a 2008 fatwa, or religious ruling.

“Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism.”

(What they really mean is they condemn all military actions against jihadists as terrorism. That’s all…)

Both Muslim and non-Muslim religious scholars generally support that view of the faith’s mainstream, but for many Americans extremist actions have had more resonance than the moderate majority’s words and practices.

The Times Square bomb case played out just as the Cordoba Initiative was seeking permission from local authorities to build its 13-story, $100 million Muslim center and mosque near the World Trade Center site where 2,750 people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Republicans have seized on the controversy over the plan ahead of midterm elections where Democrats are fighting to retain control of Congress amid difficult economic conditions.

Newt Gingrich, a leading Republican and possible presidential candidate, has called the proposal an “assertion of Islamist triumphalism.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said it was “creating more division, more anger, more hatred.” Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called it “a stab in the heart of … Americans who still have that lingering pain from 9/11.”

“Republicans are reading the American population on this better than the Democrats in the sense that the American population is fearful,” said William Swatos of the Association for the Sociology of Religion in Galva, Illinois, agreeing that efforts to separate Islam from terrorism in the public mind have failed.


Religious scholar Aslan blames “Islamophobia” that he said was being whipped by the Republican Party establishment.

“They are making religious bigotry — just as they made anti-immigrant sentiment — part of their political platform,” Aslan said. “Democrats in the most cowardly fashion have completely caved in to this challenge.”

While some Democrats have joined Obama in defending the plan for the New York Muslim center, others, like some Republican critics, have suggested it be built at a location more distant from Ground Zero.

The politician offering the most forceful defense of the mosque is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a political independent not seeking re-election.

Opponents of the mosque site contend allegations of bigotry are unfair, saying the plan’s supporters ignore the pain of 9/11 survivors.

“If one victim doesn’t like it, we don’t need the mosque,” said Thane Rosenbaum, director of the Forum on Law, Culture & Society at New York’s Fordham University.

“We’re being told religious tolerance goes one way” and that “Americans must tolerate that the mosque needs to be there.”

More trouble on the way:

2 thoughts on “Lying Imam Shmooze”

  1. Explosive breaking News! The TRUTH about the Ground Zero Imam!

    Imam Rauf’s Newly Discovered Audio Tapes

    And right now, the US taxpayer is funding his Middle Eastern jolly to the tune of $16,000 but journalists are banned from reporting on any of his meetings.. perchance something to do with illegal fundraising? It was reported that only $18,255 has been raised in the US. Questions are now being asked about where the necessary $100 million or so is coming from… Facebook campaigns are growing exponentially as Americans start to wake up to the ramifications of America’s ongoing Islamification.

  2. Imam Rauf is now, probably, the 2nd most infamous man in America (Obama is an unbeatable #1). This phoney snake-oil salesman is being protected not only by the MSM, but also by the Establishment. THEY are moongod-walking back and obfuscating his positions and Sharia-compliant statements for him, and they’re doing it faster than Muslim Jackson, or the Imam himself, ever could.

    And now, he’s conveniently “unavailable for comment” just when Daisy Cow and the Deputy Sharif are really feeling the heat.

    (Hopefully she turns to food when she’s stressed. With a name like “Daisy” she should be morbidly obese)

    I hope that with the tapes, some “illusions” about this Mohammadan’s true intentions are swept away; but as a skeptic, I won’t get my hopes up too high due to the Teflon-shroud that I know has been placed over him by powerful traitors.

    He richly deserves to have a lot to answer for, and I hope he’s forced to.

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