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Muslim employee accuses Disney of discrimination

They sue you if you don’t hire them, and they sue you when they can’t force their Islamo-BS on you.


Here’s a woman who, after working for years at Disney, decides to sue Disney to wear the hijab. “Disney is known for its strict dress code, called the Disney Look, which has been in place since 1957.”  Its stealth, cultural jihad.

This is not about hijab, this is about Islamic supremacism and imposing Islam on the secular society. Icons are a favored target.  Halal mickey. Porky pig’s future is looking mighty bleak.

Disneyland Resort hotel employee accused Disney of discrimination for refusing to let her wear a Muslim head scarf at work in public.

Imane Boudlal, a restaurant hostess at the Storytellers’ Cafe in the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney, said she has been sent home without pay four times this week after attempting to wear a hijab at work. But Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, said Boudlal was offered a behind-the-scenes assignment at the restaurant until a solution could be figured out. Brown denied that the company discriminated against Boudlal.

Wednesday afternoon, Boudlal was turned away for the fourth time from her public hostess job after holding a press conference to bring attention to the issue. About 50 supporters — some of whom wore head scarves — followed her to the front of the restaurant, praying and rallying as they waited for an answer and Disney visitors walked by. Boudlal again was told that she could take an assignment out of public view.

“I’m not going to accept to work in the back,” said Boudlal, 26, of Anaheim.

In the press conference, Boudlal said she believes she was discriminated against because she looks Muslim. Boudlal said she sent a letter to Disney requesting that she be able to wear a head scarf. After they kept delaying a response, she decided to report to work with it.

“I’m not here to scare anyone,” she said. “I’m here to do my job.”

On Wednesday, Boudlal filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a letter demanding back pay from Disney, said Ameena Qazi, an attorney from Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is representing Boudlal. Qazi said she believes that Disney is breaking state and federal laws.

“The company values diversity and has a long-standing policy against discrimination of any kind,” said Brown of Disney in the prepared statement.

“Ms. Boudlal has worked for the company for more than two years and recently made the request to wear a hijab, and we have been working directly with her on accommodations. In the interim, we offered reasonable accommodations to allow her to work during her scheduled shifts, which she declined.”

The hijab issue comes as a national debate brews about a proposed Islamic center near the former World Trade Center site in New York City.

Boudlal decided to try wearing the head scarf to work after becoming a U.S. citizen in June and learning about her rights of freedom of religion. Some Muslim women wear a hijab, which covers the hair and neck, as a form of modesty.

This isn’t the first time that Disney has faced the hijab issue.

In 2004, a former Disney World employee sued the company, saying she was fired for wearing a hijab on the job in Orlando, Fla.. Disney also offered the woman a behind-the-scenes job. Complaints have also been filed about the issue against other high-profile companies, including McDonald’s and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Disney is known for its strict dress code, called the Disney Look, which has been in place since 1957.

In June, Disney for the first time allowed women to have bare legs when wearing skirts or dresses. Moustaches were banned until 2000. See a recent story about the Disney dress code.

Disney is in the middle of a fierce contract battle with the 2,100-member-strong hotel union.  During that time, the union has held a one-day strike, week-long fast, walkouts and dozens of protests.

“Unfortunately, this is yet another attempt by Local 11 to distort the facts and distract from the real issue that their members have been without a contract for two and a half years,” Brown said.

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  1. Fantasyland, the happiest kingdom of them all.
    Burkaland, the gloomiest kingdom of them all.

    This week from Burkaland, Imane Boudlal sheiks down her employer.

  2. Hollywood got a lot more from the Iranian conquest of California than they ever dreamed possible. Just another case of wanting all before them to bow down low. Get to hell out of Disneyland you bunch of wankers. This is an American institution you fools. When can we open the first Disneyland in Iran? how about NEVER. How about a Christian Cathedral in Saudi. You are all a bunch of pricks. It is all one sided and we are sick to death of your laughable behaviour. Get back to Islamland.

  3. Take it cool Therese – stay cold and focused – we have some distance to go with these “folk” before the future of our kids can be guaranteed.

  4. Quote: Boudlal decided to try wearing the head scarf to work after becoming a U.S. citizen in June ..

    That is the case everywhere. Muslims will keep silent till they have citizenship and are sure they are not going to be thrown out of the country, before they start the Jihad.

    There will come a time that we all will have to choose whether Western nations want to stay liberal democracies or become sharia nations. At that time we will have to make hard choices. In France, Pres Sarkozy for instance, has already given a hint that those who violate the principles on which France is founded on, will have their citizenship revoked, and then forcibly removed from France. Of course such a situation is when the nation is under extremus i.e., existential war.

  5. Pretty soon Mickey Mouse will be dressed in the traditional white thobe and Minnie Mouse will be in all black burka garb – just like the new Barbie doll? Send the foxy Road Runner or maybe Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird after them to snatch off head scarfs.

  6. This is a joke, if muslims want to wear the hijab let them do so, but they must understand employment guidelines. They can’t just come in and decide they are above regulations which everyone must conform to. If they are unhappy, they can leave! They should look for employment where they can wear whatever they want as opposed to causing shit for no reason in a working environment which has uniform guidelines set out! There are a lot of stupid people in the world and at the moment it just seems a lot of them are muslim!

  7. @ Tery
    I think there are a lot of stupid people in the world, and you are definitely one of them to say something like that. Is it too hard for you to be a respectable person and watch your mouth?

  8. Mwahahaha! This is Islam using your own laws against you and to our advantage. We can play both sides of the coin! Just wait, by this time in 3 years we’ll have Paris Hilton in a burqa, just like we did with Micheal Jackson! And you too will know the slender touch of goat love!

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