Pamela Geller shakes down a "Peace Love & Tolerance" loon on Hannity

Building Mosques on Sacred Sites of Defeated Enemies a Symbol of Conquest

Bin Laden and his Islamists would love nothing better to plant the flag of Islam in the cultural capital of the West. This would not be read in the Muslim world as a sign of the West’s tolerance, but of its weakness. In its long history of conquest, Islam has habitually converted the scared shrines of its enemies into mosques and madrasas. A cursory look at the world’s most famous mosques lays bare the fact that many were former houses of worships of defeated enemies.  (Gabriel Scheinmann/Hudson NY)

WoJ reader Steiner nailed it the other day when he posted this:

There is a tendency for people to say that because we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, then we must allow the mosque to be built…

The message is that because we are democratic, then we must be true to respecting religious freedoms and allow mosques to continue being built.

Saudi Arabia is undemocratic and wont allow non-Muslim religious buildings to be built.

The shallowness of the statement is recognized when we ask why Saudi Arabia does not allow non-muslim places of worship to be built. Consequently, the reason is because they are islamic!

Hence, if we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, it’s high time that we stop mosques being built because Islam does not tolerate non-muslim places of worship. To continue to allow more mosques is tantamount to being like Saudi Arabia!

To every rule there is an exception. Our democracies cannot survive with a growing Islam in our midst. Hence, the exception…no more mosques…otherwise we will become guessed it: Saudi Arabia!

4 thoughts on “Pamela Geller shakes down a "Peace Love & Tolerance" loon on Hannity”

  1. Gross: “I’m not asking THEM (Muslims) to be tolerant, I’m asking YOU (American public) to be tolerant!” Say no more.

  2. Pamela is perfect purveyor of important message. Let’s give credit to FOX & Hannity for giving this amazing lady a platform. She rocks!

  3. I love the way he says you are confusing Muslims with terrorists!!


    As far as I can see, all the terrorism in the world is being committed in the name of Islam

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