Ramadan, Blood & Guts

Al Jizz:

Dozens dead in Iraq attacks

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — Dozens of schoolgirls and teachers were sickened Wednesday by poison gas in Afghanistan, medical and government officials said. (CNN Wire Staff)

Afghan recruit kills Nato trainers

Sudden Jihad Syndrome? You bet: Afghan police recruit kills two Spanish soldiers during “mentoring session”

Following the officer’s shooting, hundreds of angry men gathered outside the walls of the Spanish camp, chanting religious slogans and hurling stones. Several members of the crowd were taken to a local hospital, but it wasn’t clear how they had been injured….

  • Islamic supremacists gas schoolgirls in Afghanistan/Yet more jihad against schoolgirls in Afghanistan. “Afghan girls fall ill after apparent gas poisoning,” from Reuters, August 25 via JW
  • Take the poison, please: Islamist Leader in Pakistan Says Accepting Flood Relief From U.S. and India Is Like Taking Poison……. (topix)

  • Where’s the money for the counter jihad, Angelina? Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has contributed $100,000 (about Pakistani Rs 8.5 million) for flood ravaged Pakistan, a move that surpasses President Asif Ali Zardari’s Rs 5 million donation and the help extended by most other politicians. (Hindustan Times)

Deadly battles continue in Somalia

Third day of fighting in capital Mogadishu leaves at least six people dead.


Germany Brings in Turkish Police to Help Curb Immigrant Crime... (And you thought they were joking)

Three Muslims in Germany charged with aiding Islamic jihad groups/Alican T., Fatih K, and Filiz G. Ah yes, names redolent of old Bavaria. Doubtless these “Germans” do not have and never did have any allegiance to Germany. Eurabia Update: “3 Germans face terrorism charges linked to radical Islamic groups,” from The Associated Press, August 25/JW

Good News: Mega Mosque Coming to Aachen

It appears the once conservative CDU is in a frenzy of submission, trying to outdo the Socialists from the SPD in sucking up to the new God of cultural enrichment, multiculturalism, interfaith, bridge-building and outreachery….. A great mosque is needed, for 8000 believers, no less…allahu akbar! Großmoschee auch für Aachen/PI

Bradford Jitters: EDL story on Sky News about Bradford march

By British standards this is astonishingly fair reporting. Compared to the opinion-forcing BBC etc, at least they made an attempt to let the EDL present itself as it is….(Vlad Tepes Blog)