Rise in female genital mutilation in Londonistan

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(as usual, nothing to do with Islam. Except when it does: ‘its the sunnah of the profit’)

The number of cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) reported in London has risen and some procedures are taking place in the city, a doctor has said.

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Dr Comfort Momah, who runs a clinic in Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, said she sees 350 women and children a year.

The Met said it was aware that FGM was taking place in London and had intervened in 122 cases since 2008, including 25 times this year.

But it said that as it was a “taboo” subject there had been no prosecutions.

FGM is illegal in the UK and anybody convicted for it can be jailed for up to 14 years. The law protects British citizens even if they undergo the procedure abroad.

Dr Momah, who runs one of the 11 African Well Women Clinics in London, said a majority of the cases she saw were from African countries, including Somalia, Eritrea, Gambia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

‘Need to prosecute’

She said: “In London FGM is widely spread and in my clinic we see about 350 women and children with FGM related problems every year and do reversal in about 100 cases every year.

“We do have people calling me or calling other clinics saying I know a circumciser in Leytonstone, I know a doctor who is performing it within the community, but they won’t give you the information.”

She added that more cases are being reported since 2005.

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation

“I see a lot of teenagers now, self-referring to the clinic and getting information from the internet,” the doctor said.

“We need to prosecute somebody if obviously a child is at risk.”

The procedure can cause urinary infections, kidney failure, infertility and death.

Salimata Knight, who underwent the procedure in Senegal, said: “I was forced on the floor and I felt something being cut in me and even at that time I did not know what (it) was because at four-and-half years you are not really aware of what it is.

“It makes people suffer, and suffering has no identity, no race and no culture.”

The Met said the number of interventions had risen from 38 in 2008 to 59 in 2009.

Its Project Azure, which engages with the community, said London clinics see about 600 women a year.

Det Con Jason Morgan, from Project Azure, said: “It affects girls, often as young as seven-days-old, so the girl might be too young to remember exactly what happened, where it happened and who did it to them.”


Look, I don’t know if the following  posting is from a prankster or not. In my years of blogging I have received all kinds of bizarre stuff from Muslims and non Muslims alike, but this one deserves a full blog post.

morris Wise said…

Freedom loving women should disobey sharia law and prevent themselves from being fully circumcised. Granted that circumcision will stem the heat of passion and make a woman more loyal to her husband, but it also makes life less enjoyable. A fair compromise would be if only the tip of theclitoris was removed allowing some sensitivity to remain.

It is wrong for Western nations to condemn Islamic law that allows female circumcision. It has reduced promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies and has benefited the social structure of society. Modification of the clitoris will lower a woman’s desire for sex, and in doing so will reduce STD. A woman with a modified Clitoris is desired by older men who are not be able to match a younger woman’s sex drive. Clitoral surgery will reduce nervousness in in those who lack clitoral release and help lonely housewives. Western sexologists are now exploring Islamic cultures who have been using clitoral surgery for hundreds of years, it would not be surprising if a full clitoris become a rarity in the West.

Thousands of enlightened men in the west are demanding that their future brides undergo Clitoral surgery, It is a way of guaranteeing their fidelity. There is no advantage for a man to have a horny wife, only an obedient one. Upon command she should be willing to satisfy her husbands sexual needs even if she receives no clitoral pleasure. Another plus of having a wife with a modified clitoris is the guarantee that she will be a life long partner, her desire to meet a new husband will be gone.

The opportunity for a woman to cover her face has proven to be a big advantage for Muslims. It protects the woman against those that would exploit her for sexual reasons and gives her the freedom to go out past midnight without any fear of being molested. Rarely has a woman in a burka been raped or physically abused. Men also have an advantage of having the women in their family wearing a burka. It gives a man the feeling that his family is safe behind a cloth wall of protection.The punishment for a disobedient woman would be to take away her burka and let her roam the streets. She will shortly return with tears in her eyes after being sexually abused.

Those in the West that fear the expansion of sharia law should relax. It will return family values to a decadent society and make every man a king in his castle and every women a protected and cherished servant.

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  1. To the morris Wise comment,

    Here is to Lorena Bobbitt…I wonder if her impromptu penectomy curbed her ex’s roving, unfaithful and promiscuous behavior. More study should take place since, by reducing the drive or desire for sex, theoretically, it would with one fell swoop reduce unplanned parenthood, especially single parenthood, reduce incidence of PTSD, marital infidelity, sexual assault and rape as well as fear of such.

  2. Oh, and drastically curtail the use of excessive amounts of textile consumption among Muslim women.

  3. To even suggest that time and money should be wasted by people to concerned themselves if women are better off with their genitals being mutilated is outrageous.

    Why not cut the tip of the penis off and that would cure rape, over population (we can just ‘farm’ the sperm out of the men), STDs – since they are the ones bringing it home even in moslem societies with their ‘temporary marriages’ (that is prostitution for anyone who isn’t familiar with islam’s renaming their immoral behavior to act like they are superior), and probably a whole host of other things that I haven’t thought of!

    The whole point of the above rant of mine is to show that moslems are as stupid as they look – they don’t address the hormones and many things that regulate sexual desire. They have put their whole case on anything and everything on some illiterate, half-wit born 1400 years ago.

  4. Morris,
    It is the men of these Muslim countries that have a problem controlling their sexual desires. Their sexual desires have become warped and down right monstrous. Not the women. If anyone needs their sexual desires curbed by mutilation it is the men. How many women do you hear of raping men?

  5. This is so wrong. Men’s penis should be cut off instead women. Most of the crime done by men. Really dont understand why women have to bare all pain and shame while the real crime done by men.

  6. @ Julie,

    Why should a woman’s body be covered? Have you ever seen how naturally hairy men can be? Clearly a divine being (if one exists) meant for men to be covered by the sure existence of excess hair on the male body.

    We could ask why would any woman blindly accept any of this symbolic hate against woman and the female body? But, ultimately, I think we both know that a self loathing bully always projects his self loathing on to his victims and brainwashes them into believing it is all their fault.

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