Sharia Downunder

The cure for all that ails you. In fact, this will cure your asthma too:

SHARI’AH IN AUSTRALIA Benefits of sharia in todays crises

PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA; Non-Muslims and Muslims: We introduce to you a PERFECT solution to all of Australia’s Spiruitual, (sic) Environmental and Social Illnesses: The sharia’h. We are glad to announce that the call for shariah in Australia has begun and gaining momentum. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon ISCIAE / Sharia4Oz   … (more info)

Thanks to Mullah & Ethan, who sent this in.

6 thoughts on “Sharia Downunder”

  1. I am afraid if this comes true, and our governments submit to this sharia rule, we are going to have WWIII within our own countries.
    People who were used to democratic jurisdiction will not stand for their ideas of punishment and they will be highly opposed to the jizya.
    We will not stand for it.

  2. Agreed Al-Kidya – the muslim minority seems to want to meet their child molesting prophet in hell. sharia is not wanted, not needed and it is not an answer to ANY of the modern day problems

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