The Muslim Hijacking of Ground Zero

Erasing your past for the future of Islam


Sultan Knish:   The Muslim Hijacking of Ground Zero

Islam doesn’t just hijack planes, it hijacks the things that mean something to people. The great cities of the world are littered with relics of the Muslim occupation of their sacred places. Jerusalem, Delhi, Constantinople and Alexandria all testify to the Muslim predilection for taking over other people’s sacred places, and turning them into mosques. It wasn’t enough for Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and subjugate its inhabitants. No, they also had to take the holiest place in Judaism and build a mosque on top of it. Similarly it wasn’t enough for them to conquer and rename Constantinople, they also had to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque. These are not exceptions to the rule. In Asia, the Middle East and Europe, there are numberless examples of the same thing.

Religion of rocket launchers…..

To this day, Muslims continue seizing other people’s places of worship and turning them into mosques. It’s going on in Egypt today. It’s going on in Yugoslavia where churches are being destroyed and turned into mosques, day by day. It’s went on in Israel, in Joseph’s Tomb, burial spot of the biblical Joseph, which was seized by Muslims in September of 2000, a year before 9/11.

Why do Muslims this? It’s not just about seizing territory, though that is part of it. It’s also about hijacking something more vital, identity. By Islamizing sacred sites, they also take control of other people’s history and culture. As they have done throughout the world. Hijacking the Temple Mount, has allowed Muslims to claim Jerusalem as a holy city of theirs. Hijacking churches in Egypt and Yugoslavia, eliminates the religious history of non-Muslims from the area. Hijacking the Hagia Sophia, was part of the recreation of Constantinople, into Istanbul.

The common denominator is that Muslims do not just make war on lands or bodies– but on memory itself. Their goal is to make people forget what came before their colonization. To distort the history and traditions that are meaningful to them, and replace them with a distorted Islamized version of history. The Muslim “tolerance” in Spain, the Palestinian Arab “refugees” and the Muslim “contributions” to science, are all examples of that revisionist history, in which oppression becomes tolerance, repression becomes knowledge, and the oppressors become the victims.

When Muslims conquer, they begin with massacres and end with colonization. The building they bought, had its value destroyed by their own attack on September 11. Now having bought the building at a loss, they intend to demolish it and turn it into a monument to the very ideology responsible for that massacre. As they have done before in Constantinople and Jerusalem. As they have done throughout the world. First they bomb. Now they occupy. First they kill, then they solicit converts. First they invade, then they rule. It is an ugly and bloody pattern that has held true for over a 1000 years of history. And here it is again.

When the Sudanese Muslim Janjaweed militias go out and rape non-Arab women, this was what they said to their victims. “The government gave me permission to rape you. This is not your land anymore.” That is the Ground Zero mosque, with Bloomberg giving his permission to allow Islam to declare that this too is not our land anymore. It is the rape of a place that has equal stature in American memory to Gettysburg or Arlington. It is a calculated act of cultural brutality, disguised with a fake smile. Its message is that this is not our land anymore. That these are not our memories anymore. That these too have been hijacked by the murderers.

Islam does not just destroy bodies, it destroys souls. It plots to rob entire peoples of their culture, their history and their identity. In order to make them into Muslims or Dhimmis, slaves of Muslims. Mohammed began the process by taking the existing belief systems in the region, combining them into a distorted ideology that he called Islam, which gave him the power to do anything he wanted, that exploded into massacres, ethnic cleansing and a wave of brutality and conquest that covered the globe. But the armies of Islam did not just kill or enslave, they robbed their victims of their culture and history– and replaced it with Islam. Ground Zero is their target once more. A hijacking not of planes, but of memory. And their targets are no longer just 3,000 people– but us all.

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  1. * No, they also had to take the holiest place in Judaism and build a mosque on top of it.

    (paraphrasing) Jerusalem will be trodden down by the gentiles … but only until the set limits are reached. That mosque is on stolen land and borrowed time.

  2. V S Naipaul wrote of his travels in non-Arab Muslim lands.

    Because I was soon to discover that no Colonization had been so thorough as the colonization that had come with the Arab faith. Colonized or defeated peoples can begin to distrust themselves. In the Muslim countries I am talking about, this distrust had all the force of religion. It was an article of the Arab faith that everything before the faith was wrong, misguided, heretical; there was no room in the heart or mind of these believers for their pre-Mohammedan past. So ideas of history here were quite different from ideas of history elsewhere; there was no wish here to go back as far as possible into the past, and to learn as much as possible about the past. Persia had a great past; it had been the rival in classical times of Greece and Rome. But you wouldn’t have believed it in Iran in 1979; for the Iranians the glory and the truth had begun with the coming of Islam, Pakistan was a very new Muslim state. But the land was very old. In Pakistan were the ruins of the very old cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. Fabulous ruins, the discovery of which earlier this century had given a new idea of the history of the sub-continent. Not only pre-Islamic Ruins; but possibly also Pre-Hindu. There was an archaeological department, inherited from British days, which looked after the sites. But there was, especially with the growth of fundamentalism, a contrary current. This was expressed in a letter to a newspaper while I was there. The ruins of the cities, the writer said, should be hung with quotations from the Koran, saying that this was what befell unbelievers. The faith abolished the past. And when the past was abolished like this, more than an idea of history suffered. Human behavior, and ideals of good behavior, could suffer.

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