Wahabism, Schmahabism…

Islam Itself is the Problem

Andrew McCarthy explains that it is the doctrine of islam itself which commands hatred and violence against non-muslims.  Sharia and jihad are pillars of islam. Contrary to what the liberals proclaim, al qaeda and other jihadist groups are not hijacking a peaceful religion but are carrying out authentic islam. Liberals would like to believe they are intelligent and broad minded and put down conservatives as ignorant bigots for acknoledging the reality about islam, but the liberals are the most uninformed, ignorant narrow-minded people there are.

The Tolerant Pose

Intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda, it is part of Islam

Andrew McCarthy, National Review Online

Hussein Obama’s  commitment is to a vacant abstraction, not to actual liberty. If his resolve to defend religious freedom were truly unshakable, the last thing he would endorse is the construction of a gigantic monument to intolerance in a place where bigots devastated a city they have repeatedly targeted because of the pluralism and freedom it symbolizes. You can’t aspire to religious freedom by turning a blind eye to the reality of sharia.

Saudi Arabia, the country from which 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers hailed, abides no pluralism or religious freedom. Sure, the Saudis will tell you they allow Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims to visit their country, which is awfully big of them. Still, the regime prohibits these infidels from polluting the kingdom with their Bibles, crucifixes, and Stars of David.

Mosque proponents like the Manhattan Institute’s Josh Barro scoff at discomfiting comparisons between religious liberty in the United States and in Saudi Arabia. For them, the prospect of a mosque at Ground Zero is our “opportunity to show how we are better than Saudis.” That misses the point in two ways. First, we don’t need to show that we are better than the Saudis. We permit thousands of Muslim houses of worship in our nation, Muslims are celebrated in our public life, and our military has done more to protect and defend Muslims — including in Saudi Arabia — than any fighting force in history. Every objective person already knows that, and anybody who purports to need convincing will never be convinced.

Second and more significant, the comparison of what is permitted in Manhattan and what is permitted in Mecca is not about the Saudis: It is about Islam. Saudi Arabia does not have any law but sharia. Non-Muslims are discriminated against in the kingdom, not because that’s how the Saudis want it. They are discriminated against because that is how the Koran says it must be. (Israpundit)

WoJ poster Steiner said the same in not so many words yesterday. I’m posting his writing below the fold.

Burn a Koran Day

A Florida Church announced that it will go ahead and burn several copies of the Koran on church property despite being denied a city permit.   City officials are worried about violence.

Already two signs have been ripped down by vandals and the church has received several threats.
(What a shock!)

…But they’re going to go ahead with the burning anyway.
FOX News reported, via Free Republic/Gateway Pundit:

Florida Church Vows to Burn Korans On 9-11; Receives Death Threats (Video)

WoJ reader Steiner sent this in yesterday:

There is a tendency for people to say that because we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, then we must allow the mosque to be built…

The message is that because we are democratic, then we must be true to respecting religious freedoms and allow mosques to continue being built.

Saudi Arabia is undemocratic and wont allow non-Muslim religious buildings to be built.

The shallowness of the statement is recognized when we ask why Saudi Arabia does not allow non-muslim places of worship to be built. Consequently, the reason is because they are islamic!

Hence, if we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, it’s high time that we stop mosques being built because Islam does not tolerate non-muslim places of worship. To continue to allow more mosques is tantamount to being like Saudi Arabia!

To every rule there is an exception. Our democracies cannot survive with a growing Islam in our midst. Hence, the exception…no more mosques…otherwise we will become like..you guessed it: Saudi Arabia!

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  1. As they said in the 1930’s;” when people start to burn books, people will follow”, still church/people and bible-burning has preceded this planned quran-burning already (worldwide).
    So what? holy books do not exist anyway!
    there is no holy quran or holy bible or holy veda.
    If the spiritually is burned with the book… than it is fake!

  2. He may be a religious guy but he doesn’t give off any fanatical vibes .
    Before anyone jumps on the anti -Chrisitian bandwagon , these comments could have beem nade by an atheist and make absolute sense , stemming the rise of islam before the situation gets completely out of hand .

  3. The arselifters are going berserk over Pastor Jones on other web sites (Logan’s Warning, for example).

    The latest takiya they’re peddling is that he was arrested for child pOrn. If you google it, NBC has picked it up – but the retards stuffed it up. Their “news report” quotes verbatim a comment from a blog! LOL!

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