Any Idea Why Australia Needs a Middle Eastern Crime Squad?

Geehad Ghazi shot Constable Bill Crews, 26,  in the head during a drug raid   in Bankstown last night. Constable Bill Crews is dead. Mr Ghazi was one of two men arrested.  According to court documents, he was  in possession of a small silver barreled gun with a brown wooden handle, believed to be a CZ52 model, without a permit or license. (The Australian) H/T Mullah

Andrew Bolt:

Why is a Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad needed?

This tragic death will have political ramifications. For a start, something went seriously wrong with our immigration program if a whole police squad must now be dedicated to the crimes of just one ethnic group:

THE police officer shot in the head during a drug raid last night has lost his fight for life.

William Crews, 26, a constable attached to the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, died in hospital earlier this morning, it has been confirmed…

Constable Crews was taking part in a search warrant relating to the sale of prohibited drugs when a number of shots were fired from an apartment block in Cairds Ave, Bankstown, just after 9pm.

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10 thoughts on “Any Idea Why Australia Needs a Middle Eastern Crime Squad?”

  1. Ghazi didnt shoot the cop in the head . the stupid cops couldn’t even aim probably and shot one of their own men ! Ok Ghazi is middle eastern but last time i checked Nguyen isn’t a very middle eastern name – i think he would be Vietnamese and he lived in the unit block. He was the drug supplier. I think the cops stuffed up and got it wrong and now one of their own men paid the price as they didn’t even find any drugs.

  2. What exactly are these poor American soldiers being forced to do?

    They are being forced to support a govt. that has established shariah law and treats non-muslims worse than second class citizens, but simply as enemies….

    We, the American people are supposed to support those halfwits in our governments who back this type of nonsense! If they are not half-wits, then what exactly are they?

    Here is the reason why the west cannot win any wars against Islamists…for in all reality, the west is actively engaged in bringing about its own demise….

    Imagine, if during world war two we would have not only allowed Nazism to grow in our countries, but actually installed Nazi regimes to govern in allied territories, supported by American dollars and soldiers…and let’s not forget also advised our population that Hitler was a peaceful man who founded a peaceful religion called Nazism…

  3. “William Crews, 26, a constable attached to the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, died in hospital earlier this morning, it has been confirmed…”

    A “404 – Page Not Found” page appears, Sheik, you may wish to check it out.

  4. Nicola,
    The police did not shoot their own! The officer was hit by a 22 bullet. Police do NOT use 22 rounds!! As for the muzz – execute him! As for the vietnamese – proof that muslims are working to infiltrate the drug scene so that they can fund their abusive and viscous religion. The bike brawl at Sydney airport was an offshoot of a takeover attempt. Nothing here is new, and it has been happening in the USA , Sth America, Asia and Europe. And BTW Nicola, you just bad-mouthed the folks who put their lives on the line to protect people like you! Sydney has been invaded by bad mouthed, bad natured, lazy scum from the middle east and they have been given a free hand because people like you choose to abuse the people who try to protect you, and because the pollies want your vote more than they care for the safely of Oz. I think it is about time many in the muslim community were sent packing.

  5. Does it matter who shot that young police officer. The point is his family will never hold him again. Gone forever.

    We are importing both Middle Eastern and Vietnamese criminals into our midst. Mandatory sentencing for Cop Killers? Yes, but also for the every criminal who takes a life. All families suffer this loss, police officer or every day citizen. It is happening every day. And for all those who don’t die, and are on life support and then in wheel chairs for the rest of their lives from the injuries inflicted on them. The cost to our society is sending us to the poor house.

    The crims have the upper hand. We all know there are guns everywhere in our society and the law abiding citizens cannot defend themselves. A Muslim told me they have guns in the ceilings of every day Aussies homes and the owners of the houses don’t have a clue.

    I have been shouting this at the police for five years now, but no one is listening. We are all sitting ducks for these terrorists in our midst, Asian or Middle Eastern. And, we keep importing these bastards.

    I must add my support for the family of the dead police officer. I hope you can overcome your pain.

  6. The second man arrested following the murder of William Crews – is named Geehad Ghazi.

    Ghazi meaning Arabic warrior Ghazi or ghazah (plural ghazawāt; Arabic: غزو‎) is an Arabic term that means “to raid.” From it evolved the word “Ghazwa” which specifically refers to battles led by the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

    Geehad Ghazi > Jihad Warrior

    How many other Jihad Warriors do we have running around Sydney ?
    They are trouble with a capital ‘T’.
    Send them back from whence they came.

  7. What we need is sheria law- NOW!
    and shoot every last one of the muzlim bastard, the good ones and the bad ones, as a good one has never been born just the lot.

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