Complicity & Stupidity, Part 2

Lib Supreme: Burning Koran Not Protected by First Amendment

Thanks to Moonbattery

Moonbats are quick to squawk about Constitutional liberties when it comes to preventing terrorists from being interrogated effectively or helping them to build an obscene Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. But when it comes to burning the Koran, suddenly the Constitution does not apply. Here’s how Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer figures it:

“[Oliver Wendell] Holmes said it doesn’t mean you can shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Well, what is it? Why? Because people will be trampled to death. And what is the crowded theater today? What is the being trampled to death?”

To translate into straight talk, Breyer is saying that the First Amendment does not protect speech that might cause Muslims to get violent. That is, the First Amendment does not protect any speech that Muslims don’t like.

Did I mention that this authoritarian dhimmi idiot is on the Supreme Court?

Leave it to liberals to make the Constitution sharia compliant.”

Mark Steyn on the “shouting fire in a crowded theatre” canard:

“I think if the theatre is on fire, you’re certainly entitled to point that out.”

Against the argument that you cannot cry fire in a crowded theatre: Oh yes, you can – you must, if in your considered view there is a fire. In that case there is a duty to cry fire.

Not according to the enlightened progressives on the US Supreme Court. But, if you want to cry “Allahu Akbar!” in a crowded theatre while reaching for your matches, feel free.   (NRO)

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  1. I live in an Islamic Kingdom,& I asked my Islamic friends about the burning of the Koran. They told me that any Koran that is dirty or torn is burnt !!!!

  2. Good precendent to set, liberals! Hey, Christians, tired of peeps trampling your religion? Blow up some civilians, make threats, and riot. There ya go, no more criticims!
    Freaking idiots!

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