Death Threats Against Merkel

3 days ago:

The Danish cartoonist who caused an uproar in the Muslim world by drawing insulting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed has been presented with an award by German chancellor Angela Merkel. (ABC)


Shaking hands with Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was too much for Germany’s peaceful, moderate Muslims. The German language website based in Turkey is calling on all good Muslims to do their duty and practice their best halal butcher skills….

It may be a lousy photomontage but who said the soldiers of Allah have to have artistic talent? They sure have a way to get their message across.[more from PI]

Meanwhile, back in Denmark: Copenhagen: Jyllands-Posten possible target of terror attack (UPDATED)

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  1. Why threaten to burn a koran and be condemned by everyone from the President down, when you can behead an infidel for allah and have the same decriers denying that it has anything to do with the [unburnt] koran.

  2. Yes Mule Lodebullah, the USA has indeed a president with Down.
    This Down, Down, Down khalief is now completing the mission he promised to forfill after bowing to the Saudi King who is behind the Ground Zero attacks. With the money from the West (paying for oil) the Saudi terrorists are destroyiong Europe and USA under the lead of the Down patient b HUSSEIN o.

  3. Another day, another death threat. It’ll be interesting to see how this story is received in Germany amongst the non-Muslim and Muslim populations respectively. Will we witness the usual silence of the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim majority with respect to this death threat? Maybe there will be a handful of rather muted and equivocal statements along the lines of “Islam is a religion of peace and does not condone violence” whilst avoiding reference to Merkel’s award to Westergaard. Whilst owing to her position Merkel will have all the protection that the state can afford, the French secularist Christine Tasin of Resistance Republicaine may be rather more vulnerable to the Facebook Fatwa issued a few days ago.

    1. For example:
      “If someone with charisma set out to found a new, really conservative party, he would easily overcome the 5 percent hurdle,” Erika Steinbach told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, referring to the percentage of votes needed for a party to enter parliament. FULL ARTICLE AT DEUTSCHE WELLE

      Steinbach stirred further controversy this week by defended contentious German central bank board member, Thilo Sarrazin, who resigned Thursday amid nationwide controversy sparked by his statements that Muslim immigrants were sponging off the German state and lowering the national intelligence.

      But why has hardly anyone from within the CDU opposed Steinbach over the years? The long silence has been followed by a sudden downfall — and that will be followed by another silence. The leper will be kicked out, and the ranks will close again. Instead of debate and transparency, forced unity will pre…

      Then you have René Stadtkewitz who just left the CDU and started a new party called ‘Freiheit”, and he means freedom.

      Watch this space:

      „Wer unsere freiheitlichen Werte teilt und sich bei uns integriert, ist herzlich willkommen“, sagt der aus Berlin-Pankow stammende Stadtkewitz. „Wer jedoch die Scharia einführen möchte und Frauen als Menschen zweiter Klasse behandelt, verdient keine Toleranz.“

      He is saying what Peter Costello used to say:

      If you integrate you are welcome and you’ll become one of us. But if you want sharia and you want to oppress women you don’t deserve any tolerance”

      More coming!

  4. * He is saying what Peter Costello used to say:

    If only Howard had steeped aside for Costello well before the 2007 election, but that is history now…

    Meanwhile, the treacherous bridge-builders plan to alloy iron and clay, in Istanbul …

    U2’s Bono, ErdoÄŸan converge on interfaith project

    [“They said they wanted to organize something with the Abrahamic religions — Christianity, Islam and Judaism. He said that he wanted to do it in Jerusalem, but it might not be safe. I said: ‘What are you waiting for? Do it in Ä°stanbul’,” ErdoÄŸan explained. “He said that Ä°stanbul had just occurred to him as well. Another member [of the band] suggested Cordoba.”
    Infrastructure ready

    ErdoÄŸan also said: “We are a country in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations — it could be held in Cordoba, but Ä°stanbul would be much more fitting. I told them that Ä°stanbul is a city where the three Abrahamic religions come together and there are all manner of things here related to them — and the infrastructure is well suited to it. They’re going to evaluate Ä°stanbul as a potential site first. Whatever is required of us, we will do it.”]

  5. Bono!

    Did this cocksucker ever meet a dictator he didn’t like? Does this useful idiot have the faintest clue that 2 of the “3 Abrahamic religions” are to be replaced by the replacement religion called Islam?

    This is what’s really happening in Turkey:

    Secularists fear referendum as Erdogan’s latest move to push Sharia

    That’s right. Creeping Sharia, advanced by referendum if Erdogan has his way. This case only offers further proof that democracy for its own sake is not the solution to “extremism” in the Muslim world, because the success of a democracy to protect civil liberties, equality, and true pluralism (not dhimmitude) depends on the values that inform its participants.

    “Referendum in Turkey raises fears of too much Islam in government,” from the Christian Science Monitor, September 10 (thanks to JW):

    In a largely Muslim country that sits at the crossroads of East and West, Turks who treasure secular rule are again warning about a “creeping coup” of political Islam.
    The cause this time? Constitutional amendments pushed by the elected government, run by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party, the Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP).
    Turks will vote on the amendments Sept. 12 in a referendum. Most of the changes are not very controversial but secularists are alarmed over one that gives the president and parliament more say in appointing senior judges. Currently, senior judges vet their own judicial candidates – an inbred system.
    Critics say giving the government a greater role in appointments undermines the independence of a judiciary that has staunchly defended the strict separation of mosque and state – and gone head-to-head with the religiously minded government.
    Erdogan’s semi-stealth jihad under cover of democracy:

    But Prime Minister Erdogan maintains that this change, and all the amendments, are another step on the path to Turkish democracy. Indeed, they meet criteria for Turkey to join the European Union.
    The clash over Sunday’s referendum should signal to Erdogan the ongoing need to build trust among the broader population as he boosts the brightness of this rising star over Europe and Asia.
    He’s bound and determined to put a crescent with that “star.” Whether it is “rising” is subject to considerable debate.

    The AKP has been in power since 2002, a period of strong economic growth and relative stability that won the party backing again in the election of 2007. The devout Muslim prime minister has ambitions for his country of nearly 80 million people. He sees it as an important player in energy and as a regional problem solver.
    Along the way Erdogan has also mixed the Islamic religion with politics, attempting to criminalize adultery, for instance, and trying to lift the ban on women wearing the head scarf at universities – both of which failed. Since the 1970s, Turkey’s high court has shut down four Islamic political parties. Erdogan himself was jailed, and he refashioned himself and the AKP along the lines – he says – of Europe’s Christian Democrats.
    But Erdogan’s pushing of the Islamic agenda unnerved secularists, who fear a secret agenda of full Islamization. They’ve watched warily as the AKP government has drawn closer to Iran, Syria, and Iraq and left longtime ally Israel in the diplomatic dust.
    Critics worry also about an increasingly autocratic government, pointing to sweeping arrests related to a supposed coup conspiracy. The media have been cowed or bought by the AKP, and official wiretapping abounds. The populist Erdogan often sounds dogmatic and threatening. When he warned a business group that it faced “elimination” if it opposed the referendum, the European Commission sternly rebuked him.
    In truth, the constitutional changes conform to democratic norms. They strengthen individual rights, privacy, and unions. They bring the military – which ousted four governments in the last 50 years – further under civilian control.
    But the abstract truth is not the same as the political reality in Turkey. The reality is that this is a polarized country, with a large segment of the population increasingly mistrusting of the government….
    With good reason.

  6. Two things have occurred to me lately about the eu ;

    1 )
    If I said , ” In the future , millions of British people will move to Japan ……..”
    you would say , ” But the Japanese wouldn’t let millions of British people in ”
    When the algerian president said in 1973 ” In the future , millions of muslims will move to
    Europe , but they will not go there as friends ….” ,
    how did he know they’d be able to get in ?
    Presumably as a high up official in the muslim world , he’d been privy to the plans for Eurabia ……..which our politicians would dismiss as a conspiracy theory

    2 )
    Why they’ll never stop with their plans for Eurabia :

    The prospect of Eurabia must have opened up the most incredible business opportunities ,
    Europeans selling technology to these oil rich countries etc .
    And a special kind of business opportunity – to see the smooth running of all this , working at a very high level to ensure the politicians toe the line and the people don’t get alarmed .
    So much money must be tied up in all this , imagine what would happen to someone who tried to pull the plug on all this .
    Nobody in that kind of position is going to , or is going to be allowed to , blow the whistle , even if they see where all this is leading and would like to warn people .

    And now , the lives of heads of state , like merkel ,are being threatened .
    But they’ll still plough on with their plans to flood Europe with muslims .

  7. Watch the situation in Germany.

    Germany is without doubt the only truly industrial super-power in Europe, if not the West. It also hold the future of the EU in its hands.

    There is immense dissatisfaction in Germany over the Euro, Germany having to bail out other EU zone countries, and having to work even harder to bale out the EU.

    It also is immensely angry at the shenanigans of Muslims. So far Germany has kept quiet because any moves it makes to defend itself, is immediately quashed by shouts of “Nazism”. However that phase is ending.

    Go over to Politically incorrect

    and give them your support.

  8. This example of a threat against a public official may be particularly egregious, and it’s certainly disturbing. However, it’s important to remember that many people react violently, or with threats of violence, when a government official does something they don’t like.

    In the U.S., it’s particularly common to see threats against the judiciary when a judge renders a decision that a party doesn’t like, or if a high-profile case dealing with a controversial issue makes the news.

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