Freedom for Iraq!

There are some photos from the pullout here. But I thought the cartoon is much closer to reality:

TOTUS Malfunction

You would think with so much practice under his belt, the Manchurian Moonbat would be able to blame Bush without needing the teleprompter to feed him one word at a time:

Maybe even the TOTUS is starting to choke on this clown’s stale BS. (Moonbattery)

If Saddam Was Still Alive Today…

Update: OBAMA’S IRAQ SPEECH – Pathetic Cut-&-Runner Takes Credit For Victory

A bow and an apology…

I declare that Iraqi Freedom is over.

Our commitment to Iraq’s future is not over.
(From a politician who once endorsed genocide over victory.)

It’s time to turn the page.

Cut-&-Runners Hussein Obama and Joe Biden joined fellow democrats and voted four times to cut funding for US troops serving in Iraq. (Gateway Pundit)

Other news:

Germany To Serbia: It’s Time To Toe EU Line On Kosovo

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle who recently found out that it is unwise to take his boyfriend along on official government business to  Muslim/Arab  countries, just threatened Serbia:

Toe the line, or else…!

Another disaster, another ‘land for peace deal’ gone terribly wrong.

Lefty loony pretzel logic: “If  we don’t submit to what the  Muslims want they’ll kill us all”

Taliban Claims Mosque Debate Will Inspire Terrorists:

“I expect we will soon be receiving more American Muslims like Faisal Shahzad who are looking for help in how to express their rage,” he said.  Mosque opponent Tim Brown, a former firefighter who responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, said the Taliban claims are not a surprise.

“No matter what happens, it’s a recruitment tool. I think that’s why Imam Rauf chose that location,” Brown said, referring to the imam at the helm of the effort to build a $100 million Islamic center two blocks from the World Trade Center.