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‘It won’t be long before Sweden Democrats show true anti-Semitic nature’

Far-right, anti-immigrant party won an unprecedented number of seats in recent elections; local Jewish leader warns its pro-Israel stance is just an expression of anti-Islam policy.

By Danna Harman/Haaretz

(Delusional.  The  Sweden Democrats got elected because they oppose the Mohammedan invasion, not because they’re anti-Semitic. You wonder if Danna was sober when she wrote this hit piece. The SD is neither “right wing” nor “fascist”)

It will not be long before the true anti-Semitic nature of the far-right anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats (SD) party – which won an unprecedented number of seats in Sunday’s elections, is revealed – a leader of the local Jewish community there warned on Monday.

“This is a neo-Nazi party… articulate, and talented…but very dangerous,” said Lena Posner, President of the Official Council of Jewish communities in Sweden, an umbrella organization of Jewish groups in the country. “We know where these people are coming from. They are Nazi sympathizers who, under their jackets, are still wearing their brown shirts.”  (Haaretz)

Sarkozy — he’s a Nazi, y’know

Everyone is a Nazi these days it would appear.Atheists, we have been told by the Pope, are as bad as Nazis.Israel is constantly accused of using Nazi tactics, a slur which is frankly more pathetic and morally illiterate than genuinely insulting.And now France’s…FULL ARTICLE AT INDEPENDENT.IE

New York Times equates SIOA with murderous Indonesian jihadists

Was anyone stabbed at the SIOA rally? Anyone hit on the head with a plank? Anyone threatened and now in hiding? Did any of the speakers call for “war”?

This kind of moral equivalence is ridiculous, but the New York Times is not just some raving and discredited Leftist dupe like Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. The New York Times in making this equation is trying to lend its still-considerable moral influence to the idea that we represent the American non-Muslim equivalent of this violent Islamic supremacist activity. It would thus be so much easier to dismiss us, and to focus law enforcement attention upon us, rather than to deal honestly with the problems we are pointing out, and to focus law enforcement attention upon jihadist activity.

“Indonesian Islamists Fear ‘Christianization,'” by Robert Mackey in the New York Times, September 20 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

“Man bits dog” from the New York Slimes

Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, is engaged in a debate about religious tolerance that might seem familiar to Americans.

Last week, one day after Americans opposed to the construction of an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan pledged to “Stop the Islamization of America,” a group of Islamists rallied in Bekasi, outside the Indonesian capital, to fight the “Christianization” of Indonesia, by blocking the planned construction of a church.

Two leaders of the small congregation of Indonesia Christians in Bekasi were seriously wounded when the rally against their planned church by vigilantes from the Islamic Defenders’ Front, or F.P.I., turned violent. Murhali Barda, who leads Bekasi’s chapter of the Islamist vigilante group, was arrested on suspicion of leading the attacks on a church elder, who was stabbed in the stomach, and a female priest, who was hit in the head with a plank.

In June, the Bekasi F.P.I. leader told The Jakarta Globe, “All Muslims should unite and be on guard because … the Christians are up to something.” He also suggested that it might be necessary for mosques to establish militias and be prepared to fight a “war” to prevent “Christianization.”

As Al Jazeera explained in a video report last week, the small Christian group said that it had obtained all the necessary signatures from local residents who agreed to allow them to build their church, but then the Islamist vigilantes pressed people to withdraw their approval.

F.P.I. vigilantes have attacked a wide range of targets in the past, throwing rocks at members of minority Muslim sects, beating gay people, destroying bars and vowing to track down the editor of Indonesia’s short-lived version of Playboy magazine, Erwin Arnada, who is now in hiding….

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  1. Unbelievable! The Jewish population in Malmö is down by 50% since the seventies – driven out by muslim thugs. Some of them have gone to Stockholm, others to – that’s right, Israel.

    Muslims attacking Jews in Sweden is, among other things, what the Swedish Democrats are trying to stop, and about time too. I’ve watched interviews with Swedish Jews where they clearly state ONLY muslims are behind the harassment of them and how they, children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and victims feel this a little bit too close to home. So how can they suddenly start on the anti-semitism crap about the only people who are standing up for them? I’m so disappointed with Sweden in general and now Swedish Jewish leaders (let’s hope it’s only the one) – how far up the battered wife-syndrome arse are they prepared to climb?

  2. But what is so strange is that prominent rabbis and Jews in the West, seem so against people such as Geert Wilders.

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