Imran, you too?

Scratch the surface of a ‘moderate Muslim’ and before you know it, you find a ‘radical’.  In the case of Imran Khan, Paki cricket star and once married to a rich and pretty Jewess, there are few surprises left. For years he has already shown his true colors. It seems with age the fanatical frenzy just increases:

Paki Islamic supremacist warns that 86-year sentence for jihadist Aafia Siddiqui will intensify hatred of U.S. in Islamic world

Why? I thought that the jihadists were just a Tiny Minority of Extremists. But anyway, the idea that defending ourselves against jihadists will intensify anger against us in the Islamic world shows the hollowness of any argument predicated on the idea that we should change our behavior in any way so as to appease Muslim anger. Obama and Petraeus wanted Terry Jones to call off the Qur’an-burning because Muslims would be angry; now the U.S. should have let off a murderous jihadist, Aafia Siddiqui, because Muslims will be angry. At a certain point we have to say that we’re going to be who we are, and exercise our freedoms, and defend ourselves, no matter who it angers.

More on this story. “Dr Aafia’s sentence to intensify hatred against US among Muslim world, warns Imran Khan,” from, September 25, via JW:

While condemning the 86 year sentence to Dr Aafia Siddiqui by a US court, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan, has announced launching a countrywide protest against the verdict, and warned that the sentence would intensify the prevailing hatred against the US among the Muslim world, particularly in Pakistan.According to The News, Imran added that Pakistanis would not tolerate the US administration’s abduction of their daughter and punishing her for crimes she had not committed.

“Aafia is the daughter of the nation, and all-out efforts should be made for her early return,” Imran insisted.

He further stated that the government should be ashamed that it failed to convince America for the release of Dr Aafia, even though Pakistan had been working as frontline state with the US in the war on terror.

The protection of life and property of the citizens is the government’s responsibility and likewise that of overseas Pakistanis, but in the case of Dr Aafia it seemed that the government did nothing and just made hollow claims, he added.

He warned that the PTI would hold protest rallies, seminars and meetings and continue to campaign till she is returned back to the country. (ANI)

4 thoughts on “Imran, you too?”

  1. * “Aafia is the daughter of the nation, and all-out efforts should be made for her early return,” Imran insisted.

    How about we return her, together with your nation’s other sons and daughters squatting in the dar al-Harb?

  2. (May cause temporary shortage of taxi drivers, baggage handlers, security guards and doctors in Qld Health)

  3. A former Paki cricketer. The whole world knows they are a lot of cheats. What a laugh. Does this mean he has to murder his half Jewish kids? Nothing would surprise anyone about this fruit cake. He is and has been for the last thrity years a “Lost cause”.

  4. Some, will do anything for money. His former wife’s father was one of the richest men in the world. This was before anyone knew the real meaning of Islam.

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