Mother of Human Rights Irritated

European Union threatens France for deportation of violent thieves from East Europe

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For those of us who have been following the various issues centred around the European Union and its consequences to national sovereignty of the member states, this should give a pretty clear indication of what happens when a nation, France in this case, decides to act in its own interest by expelling large numbers of non-French citizens who come to the country, take welfare payments and other state benefits and reward the French with large amounts of violent organized crime.

The audacity of these unelected  EU apparatchiks is breathtaking:

The irony is that still, thousands upon thousands of illegal North African Muslims are coming to France, setting up overt multiple wives (polygamy is still illegal in France) on state benefits and basically taking France for as large a ride as possible, often having children in double digits and multiple state paid homes, even to the point where a man can accumulate a lot of prestige by showing his wealth by milking the state, and these people are not entitled to be there under EU laws, while in fact, the Roma are.

Curious indeed.

Paris tells Brussels: ‘You do not speak to us like this’

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Lellouche: ‘A plane ticket to one’s country of origin in the European Union is not a death train, and is not the gas chamber’

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – France’s junior minister for EU affairs has said to the European Commission: “This is not how you speak to a major power like France,” following stinging comments on Roma expulsions by EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding. (EU Observer)

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  1. Well, well, well! France is getting tough. I must have missed all the reports of Romany atrocities, apart from thieving and begging. Unless Sheikyermami and other websites are censoring Islamic-style atrocities committed by Gypsies in France (sarc).

    Are Gypsies commandeering entire French suburbs – where even the police are too scared to enter? Are they barbequeing hundreds of cars when the fancy takes them? Are they building huge places of worship around France? Are they forever making demands on French society? Are they blowing up trains and buses? Are they inseminating up to four wives at a prodigious rate regardless of polygamy being illegal? The list is endless.

    Gypsies may not be ideal citizens but France has a much bigger problem with Muslims. So when is the forced repatriation of Muslims going to occur?

  2. I certainly agree with Adela but I’m also very curious to see how far france will go in defending her sovereignty against this bizarre entity they’ve agreed to be a part of.

  3. Ghulam,
    France’s position is VERY secure. Most muslims completely misunderstand the role of the EU with respect to EU commission interference in the internal administration of EU member states. If France feels the need to terminate the parasitic muslim scum that pollutes its shores tomorrow it can do it – and the EU commission can bleat till the cows come home! France does not care!!! France does not need the EU – but the EU needs France. And France, the EU, and Europe do not need muslims!!!

  4. We have brought this on ourselves by being to soft on immigration.
    Now the problems is here and the perpetrators of this idiosy don’t know what to do about the growing problem. Muslim mass immigration was the worst experiment in human history in the EU.
    Does anyone know where this is going to end up?
    Civil disobedience and civil warfare on a mass scale.
    It will happen unless a majority of these Muslims can be westernized and deprogrammed from Islam and then recruited and trained to convert other Muslims and so on.

  5. Superiority Complex

    Sultan Knish

    If liberals treated all cultures, all nations and their historical narratives of greatness as equally invalid, the results would still be disastrous, but less incompatible. But when for example, the American narrative of heroism in the Alamo is disparaged, but the Mexican narrative of heroism in the Mexican-American War is celebrated and affirmed– then a clash of cultures is inevitable.

    So too when European colonialism is depicted as evil, but Muslim colonialism as beneficial, there will be conflict, rather than peaceful co-existence. Rather than defanging nationalism, liberals only cripple the nationalism of their own home countries, while encouraging the nationalism of the new arrivals. Little wonder then that Europe looks the way it does, or that America is facing a critical conflict over its future. Sarkozy is being depicted as the embodiment of evil, because he’s trying to evict illegal gypsies from encampments in France. Israel is being roasted over the coals domestically, because it wants to deport some of its migrant workers, who have managed to drop their own anchor babies in the country. Arizona’s governor is being compared to Hitler for trying to check the immigration status of criminals. Cameron’s immigration cap is meeting with Liberal Democratic hysteria.

    The common denominator is that First World countries with very generous immigration policies are being depicted as monsters for trying to exercise some very limited authority over immigration. The United States is a country of immigrants, France and England are filled with refugees and their children, and their children’s children. Israel has taken in everyone from Sudanese refugees to Vietnamese boat people. But somehow it’s never enough. Because domestic liberals will always insist that immigrants from more backward parts of the world, have more rights than the country’s own citizens, particularly than those citizens who used to be immigrants and actually paid their dues. Instead liberals prefer refugees, bordercrossers and migrant workers, often with shady backgrounds and little to contribute except social problems.

    And their only real argument is the same old reductio ad absurdum. Deporting gypsies is bad, even if their presence is illegal, because the Nazis deported gypsies. Barak suggested that Israel deporting migrant workers with their children who were born in the country, would make Israel appear to be no different than the Nazis. Arizona checking immigration status, again no different than the Nazis. Going by such talking points, you might get the impression that the Nazis were bad because they deported illegal immigrants, not because they were genocidal mass murderers who tried to conquer the world.

  6. The EUSSR is a menace to all nations. That Reding woman’s arrogance exemplifies its attitude!
    Brits out here in the Tropics get even hotter under the collar when they read about her, and wish Cameron would emulate Sarkozy’s minister. Tell the Eurocrats to get stuffed!
    Ross’s Right Angle expat blog tells more!

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