Once great Britain: no Islamic terrorist left behind

Britain’s counter terrorism chief said he would “put himself on the line” to secure entry to Britain for a radical Muslim preacher, days before he was over-ruled by Theresa May, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The ban didn’t last long:

UK: Islamic supremacist hate preacher wins victory in court

He advocates the murder of homosexuals and apostates, but that has all been taken out of context, doncha know. “Visa-Ban Islamic Scholar’s Victory In Court,” by Thomas Lawrence in the Express, September 26 (thanks to JW):

AN ISLAMIC scholar barred from entering the UK for his “unacceptable behaviour” has won the first round of his court battle against the Home Secretary’s ruling.A High Court judge decided the case for Dr Zakir Naik should be fast-tracked despite objections from Theresa May’s lawyers.

Dr Naik’s solicitor Tayab Ali is being assisted by two QCs from the chambers of Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Booth. He said: “It is manifestly unfair to proceed to judgment on the basis of remarks made many years previously.”

Mr Ali added: “His comments have been taken extremely selectively and completely out of context.”…

Of course! When is the Qur’an or any Islamic supremacist ever quoted in context?

“Every Muslim should be a terrorist”- out of context, of course:

4 thoughts on “Once great Britain: no Islamic terrorist left behind”

  1. Anti-terrorism chief Farr quote: According to the court papers, filed ahead of the start of a High Court hearing next month, Mr Farr said he felt Dr Naik had “a key role to play” and that he can “reach the people we simply cannot”.

    Why was it ever deemed necessary to import people who cannot be reached? If they cannot be reached then they should be repatriated.

  2. Wait, wait, wait … maybe Anti-terrorism chief Farr wishes to reach these people to arrest them for treason, sedition, inciting to riot, corruption of children and undermining the DHS!

    Give the man a chance – he might even manage to arrest Naik for “travelling with intent to infiltrate” or the favourite of all islamists – for “spying on England”

  3. What, after they have been rewarded with terrace houses, minivans and colour tellys for their ungrateful brood? Arrest would breach their ‘human rights”, and lead to more demands for halal grub & mecca-compliant dunnies. Of course, the UK could return to executing traitors.

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