3 thoughts on “Puff Ho shills for illegal muslim burial grounds”

  1. Read Andrew Reinbach’s article on Huff Post. He made two comments that I found rather interesting and completely typical. The first was how the situation was creating a stir among the civil right folks, though not stated as such. Clearly… is anyone surprised? I’m sure the folks at CAIR are on the case already. The second comment was more interesting still…wondering as he was if …” whether taking such a course is wise, since the town’s actions could attract all sorts of unwelcome attention. Is it the attention he’s worried about or the possible backlash? After all, I’m sure digging up a few illegal muslim graves could put our troops at grave danger. Without a doubt it will cause worldwide muslim unrest and riots. But I guess Mr. Reinbach is already on board with his subjugation to all things islamic and is okay with it. That certainly how it appears to me.

    Also he talks about how some are upset because in addition to the farm, other muslims are buying property around the farm. This is part of the greater strategy to create pure muslim enclaves which later become the no-go zones like those in France and England. I think someone should take the time to look at the properties adjacent to 51 Park and the surrounding area. I bet you they are being snapped up by muslim buyers.

  2. Ok, fans: al Quaeda’s big claim is that America is at war with Islam, therefore Muslims must fight America. Put aside the fact they are really at war with us. Put aside that it’s the Saudi Arabian Wahabis that are making all the trouble. Put aside that bin Laden’s beef is with the Saudi royal family and that from his POV, the World Trade Center was just collateral damage. Keep in mind that politics of all stripes is all about surfaces, and ask yourself; if you really love America, why would you do bin Laden’s propaganda machine a favor by doing their job for them?
    Wise up.

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